States should decide Roe v. Wade


Recent conversation regarding Roe v. Wade would be enlightened by placing it in an historical perspective. The founders established a small federal government subject to the will of the people. The constitution enumerated the specific powers of the federal government and specifically ...

Top Court justices shouldn’t be political

Letters to the Editor

The decision of the Supreme Court to overrule Roe vs. Wade is just one more example why life-time appointments for any office, most especially the Supreme Court, should be abolished. Justice Alito made the statement that “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start.” I thought such ...

Trump needs to let go of 2020 election

Letters to the Editor

While watching the GOP debates for U.S. senator, one person on the panel broke what I assume is the cardinal GOP rule and brought up the 2020 election. Dr. Oz said he talked about it with President Trump and he said the GOP can’t let it go and move on — of course with no ...

Hollidaysburg program deserves curtain call

Letters to the Editor

I attended the Hollidaysburg Community Chorus Concert on Sunday, April 24 at Hollidaysburg Area High School, “Here, There and Everywhere.” It was a riveting program and so full of great music/tunes. This concert has been two years in the making due to COVID-19. It included The ...

Every single election is important


Do not judge the importance of any election on the number of nominations or offices up for grabs. Regarding the few offices for which nominees will be selected during today’s primary balloting, some voters might be tempted to “pass” on going to their polling place, but that would be a ...

Society missing common decency

Letters to the Editor

I grew up in a time when common decency was a given and expected of all of us. Common decency, as I was taught, involved being polite, kind, honest and respectful of others. It is sort of a win/win idea; if I am respectful or kind or polite, there is a pretty good chance that is what ...