Barking up tree: Adjustments due for dog licenses


Is it preposterous to suggest that fewer than 50% of Pennsylvania dog owners might not have purchased 2021 licenses for their pets — and perhaps neglect that responsibility every year? Maybe so, but probably not. That question is a reasonable topic for reflection as the Pennsylvania ...

Proposed per-mile tax is beyond excessive

Letters to the Editor

It is not enough that we get taxed on gas, have a state income tax and a sales tax, now PennDOT has come up with a plan to replace the gas tax and tax us by the mile. Did anyone at PennDOT stop to think of what kind of havoc this plan would create? The scenarios are limitless. Taxing by the ...

Wolf’s fee per mile proposal oppressive

Letters to the Editor

Gov. Wolf’s Transportation Revenue Options Commission funding draft made front page news in the July 16 Altoona Mirror and rightly so. Proposals include increasing vehicle registration, rental fees, package delivery and Uber and Lyft rides. At first glance these may seem reasonable, ...

Sound idea to rename expressway


Few American cities have the distinction of being a U.S. president’s birthplace. Scranton would be foolish not to memorialize its place in history as President Joe Biden’s place of birth — on Nov. 20, 1942, in the former St. Mary’s Hospital — all the more so because the president ...

GOP shouldn’t fear voter ID process

Letters to the Editor

Elizabeth Shade is a frequent contributor to the Opinion page. Her writings, most recently on July 16, all seem to generate around anti-Trump, anti-Republican rhetoric. Her latest rant is about the Republicans questioning the last election processes. How dare anyone let alone ...

Hope bird disease is not worse


We are alarmed — as all of us should be — about the mysterious deaths of our beloved birds. Over the past six weeks, thousands of birds across multiple states in the Northeast have been spotted with eye and brain problems. Did you ever hear the story about the canary in the coal ...