A close encounter with Mr. Stinky

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Recently my wife, Sandy, and our neighbor, Kim, planned a “girl’s night out” before the summer evenings cooled. It was pretty low key when you consider it was to be held on our patio and Kim lived next door. The menu consisted of a bottle of wine and “girl talk.” They got settled ...

Why should men be given a free pass?


State Rep. Chris Rabb definitely got our attention. Is he serious about forcing men over 40 or with three kids to get vasectomies? That’s a little unsettling. Many of us get really alarmed at talk about forcing a man to do anything with his own body — wear a mask or get a vaccination, let ...

America should realize that we’re in trouble

Letters to the Editor

The USA is in trouble. The far-left radical communist Biden-Harris administration, including Pelosi and Schumer, are a faction within the Democratic party. There has never been a more pathetic, corrupt group of politicians in Washington, D.C., and across the U.S. than we have now. They ...

Prioritize child-abuse epidemic


Tuesday’s front-page Mirror article “State sees jump in child abuse cases”— a big jump — included mention of Pennsylvania lawmakers’ positive — albeit reactive, rather than proactive — efforts to pass legislation responding to headline-making abuse cases. Yet sooner, rather ...

More balance sought on editorial page

Letters to the Editor

Wow, when I read the editorial page of the Oct. 6 Altoona Mirror, I thought I was reading another Republican news release. Even the cartoon, (or better known as a political statement), derided President Joe Biden. When I saw Cal Thomas’ headline, I first thought that he was referring ...