Fracking puts its industry over your health


For years, evidence has mounted that fracking is at least associated with adverse health effects, including a rare cancer cluster among children in Western Pennsylvania. Instead of stopping potentially risky activity, states like Pennsylvania that sit on gas-abundant shale formations have ...

Stormwater upgrade should be top priority

Letters to the Editor

The $40 million in recovery funding needs to be spent inside Altoona’s boundary with a stormwater upgrade. This will lead to an increase of growth in the city. The McCrory building and other projects need to be completed with private dollars only. The $40 million belongs to all Altoona ...

Trash haulers deserve customer appreciation

Letters to the Editor

This has been a very difficult time for all of us. The first responders have done an exemplary job in assisting many of us. Thank you. I read in the Mirror that one business is recognizing first responders with a free lunch, providing they wear their uniforms. Bravo. I would like to ...

Liberals shouldn’t fear election scrutiny

Letters to the Editor

I can’t be silent with this one. It has been said that if a lie is told often, forcefully and loudly enough, eventually that “lie” will be considered the truth. The letter on July 16 is certainly proof of that. Where is the evidence of Russia’s interference with the election ...

Non-profit cemeteries need rescue plan aid

Letters to the Editor

Here are several reasons why some of the funding from the American Rescue Plan should be directed to local not-for-profit cemeteries. We lost hours of volunteer time in 2020 and into 2021. Those hours had to be made up by paying for mowing that would have been done by volunteers. This ...

Bus driver shortage is big concern


If parents and guardians aren’t concerned about their school district’s busing contractor having a shortage of drivers, they ought to be. Drivers who transport children to and from classes and extracurricular activities are a vital component of every school system, as essential as ...