Ukraine may lose war because of NATO

Letters to the Editor

It’s really the saddest days on earth when individuals from around the planet, some of which have never even held a pistol, are emigrating to Ukraine — compelled, called from within themselves, through deep, personal moral obligation to help the innocent Ukrainian people fight back against ...

City should have more cable options

Letters to the Editor

I’m writing this letter to complain about the Breezeline service that recently replaced Atlantic Broadband. The programs will freeze for a little then “crazy” lines will appear. I have called and was sent a service technician, who checked everything and said all was OK after he ...

Photo brings back special memories

Letters to the Editor

The photo in “Mirror Images” on May 7-8 by Lisa Koncz of Duncansville of the town of Positano in Italy was spectacular and worthy of special recognition. The combination of structures, moon, illumination, water and shadows was perfectly positioned. I was stationed at the nearby naval ...

Clock ticking on planning for state budget


Pennsylvania has surmounted the first of its two springtime hurdles, the primary elections’ nomination process. Strict attention must now shift to the other hurdle — passing a 2022-23 state budget. Ideally, budget preparation and passage should be completed before spring gives way to ...

Central graduate shines


Shining rays of sun on some good news: Martinsburg native and Central High School graduate Danielle Maurer did herself and our area proud by winning two rounds of Jeopardy in programs that aired last week. In her first appearance, Maurer, a 2008 graduate of Central High School, ended a ...

Take advantage of resources on ticks

Letters to the Editor

With the outdoor season coming into full swing, tick awareness has become a necessity among outdoor enthusiasts. Residents of Pennsylvania have at their disposal a free service that can provide you with information, if you find yourself or your canine to be the unlucky host of an engorging ...