Legislature must not overturn will of voters

Letters to the Editor

I am writing to express concern regarding a statement by Pennsylvania GOP chairman Lawrence Tabas, stating the state legislature would move to appoint Pennsylvania’s electors should President Donald Trump fail to win the state’s popular vote in the November election. The U.S. ...

Biden’s visit: Locals missed opportunity

Letters to the Editor

Last week, the Democratic candidate for president of the United States made a train trip across eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. He is a man who has set an example for others by using the railroad to commute to Washington, D.C., for nearly 50 years. He has made promises to bring more ...

Hold public officials accountable by voting

Letters to the Editor

Voters will decide the direction of our nation on Nov. 3. Among voters will be people using knowledge and understanding with their capacity and capability to reason over issues, before deciding on candidates. Vulnerable people subject to powerful cliches and misinformation may vote through ...

Heidelbaugh deserves support for AG post

Letters to the Editor

On Nov. 3, after you fill out your choice for president, you’ll come across another choice. We’re a sharply divided country, but this choice seems clear. Heather Heidelbaugh deserves our support on election day to become the next attorney general for the commonwealth. The current ...

Democrats stand for the wrong things

Letters to the Editor

A vote for the Democrat Party is a vote for total government control of everything, the destruction of the economy, suppression of public religious faith and a massive increase in the abortion of innocent, precious babies. Every vote counts. John E. Brown, Jr. Altoona

Leadership must have ability to unify

Letters to the Editor

In Mark 3:25, Jesus states, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” As America faces unprecedented challenges, we are tragically divided and more vulnerable than ever before. Before we cast our votes, we must identify candidates committed to healing the ...