Reps should protect U.S. Postal Service

Letters to the Editor

It is no secret that President Donald Trump has long wanted to privatize the U.S. Postal Service. But his latest attack on the USPS is taking things to new levels. He is refusing to approve extra funding for the post office to help with the additional costs related to COVID-19. But the ...

Farm Show cancellation ominous sign


Thousands of Keystone State farmers are no doubt dismayed over Wednesday’s cancellation of January’s Pennsylvania Farm Show as an in-person event. The unwanted news also triggered disappointment for the hundreds of thousands of people who look forward to converging on central Pennsylvania ...

Colleges must be flexible


Fall classes already have begun at some colleges and universities. During the next few weeks, hundreds more will attempt to do so. COVID-19 is enough of a threat in many states that some institutions of higher learning will not be allowing in-person classes, at least at first. Students will ...

Gov. recommendation shouldn’t be binding

Letters to the Editor

The governor’s recommendation to halt high school fall sports is not binding. Our governor talks about his daughters competing in high school, and their senior year was not halted nor canceled. We only have one life to live and our seniors have only one time to fully participate in sports ...

Like seat belts, masks not optional

Letters to the Editor

Quite a few laws exist today simply because there are members of our citizenry who lack good judgment, AKA common sense. In the 1980s, we were encouraged to wear seat belts because statistics confirmed that seat belts save lives. If you remember the old lap belts, you can probably recall ...

Death of NC child didn’t get attention

Letters to the Editor

I read about Cannon Hinnant, the 5-year-old murdered execution-style in North Carolina by his neighbor for riding his bicycle across a neighbor’s lawn. His brother and sister watched it happen. There was no coverage by major news networks. There were no riots, protests, violence, ...