Observing slavery’s end fitting


Galveston, Texas, sits on the Lone Star State’s southeast coast, situated on two islands off the mainland. When June 19, 1865, dawned, Galveston was sophisticated enough that it had its own insurance company and Catholic parochial school, and its streets were illuminated by gas lights. ...

Littering problem must be addressed

Letters to the Editor

The litter along our roadsides this spring is unsightly. It adversely affects our health. As plastic materials decompose, they break into tiny particles that find their way into our water supplies. Now, scientists conclude that the average person absorbs a credit card’s worth of ...

No reason to change election laws

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Trump Vote Comparison 2016-2020 PDF The Pennsylvania General Assembly intends to take up legislation this month to roll back bipartisan laws that expanded access to the polls. One proposal would limit no-excuse absentee ballots in a state that already has some of the most restrictive ...

Manchin is right; filibuster important

Letters to the Editor

The media and the majority of the Democratic Party have continued their relentless attacks on Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. Most of this sentiment comes from Manchin’s opposition to ending the filibuster, an action designed to prolong debate and delay or prevent a vote on a bill or resolution. ...

Flooding raises concerns


The torrential downpour on June 10 that caused varying degrees of damage in and around Altoona was instructive on numerous fronts. Officials of the affected municipalities should seek ways to react proactively, if they already have not begun to do so. The situation that day was not one ...

Penn State decision sends wrong message

Letters to the Editor

Sen. Mike Regan deserves credit for his article in the Mirror last week regarding “woke” Penn State and freshmen no longer being called freshmen. When I initially heard of this action by the University Faculty Senate, I thought the report was not true. Why would anyone waste time, ...