Troubling statistics on gonorrhea


The coronavirus pandemic and, before that, AIDS captured much of the public’s health-concerns attention beyond illnesses and conditions including cancer, heart disease and strokes. However, another serious medical problem has been lurking in the proverbial shadows — a culprit people ...

Interaction with police is important


Horrific incidents like the Jan. 10 death of Tyre Nichols resulting from an encounter with Memphis, Tenn., police put pressure on law enforcement departments across America not to fall victim to similar tragic circumstances and outcomes. It remains the opinion of millions of Americans that ...

Spreading conspiracy theory concerning

Letters to the Editor

At a recent meeting right here in Blair County, a formal presentation was given meant to stoke fear and promote unfounded conspiracies: fear that “diversity, equity, and inclusion” are socialist plots rather than honorable humanitarian goals; conspiracies that a cabal of teachers, ...

National sales tax proposal out of hand

Letters to the Editor

Why haven’t I seen anything in this extremely right-leaning opinion page on the GOP’s national sales tax proposal? While I see culture war distraction pieces almost daily on this page, I have yet to see anything about this proposed policy. Your beloved party of states’ rights, small ...

EPA’s new protections will help environment

Letters to the Editor

Last year’s massive methane leak from a gas storage facility in Cambria County was a stark reminder of the air pollution risks from fracking and oil and gas drilling. All told, it’s estimated that 1.29 billion cubic feet of harmful methane was released over 2 weeks into the surrounding ...

Simply put: Quit smoking, and don’t start


Did you know that Pennsylvania is listed as among the states with the worst policies to prevent and reduce tobacco use, according to the American Lung Association’s (ALA) recent 21st annual “State of Tobacco Control” report? In fact, Pennsylvania earned mostly failing grades on the ...