More education needed to boost area vax rate

Letters to the Editor

The Mirror’s front page recently carried a Philadelphia Inquirer report about hospitals overflowing during this omicron infestation. Few legitimate medical experts, regardless of political orientation, doubt that COVID vaccination is key to taming the pandemic. Yet the vaccination rate in ...

Reducing plastic trash would help our world

Letters to the Editor

I am a grandmother living in State College, and here’s why I am happy to refuse plastic bags and straws: I know that I am not responsible for the beached whale that died with its stomach full of plastic trash. I know that the pain of the sea turtle with a plastic straw caught in its ...

County security needs addressing

Letters to the Editor

I carefully read the Jan. 15 article in the Mirror about the security at our magisterial district courts. I will comment with first-hand knowledge relative to my visit to the district court (Central Court) location on Dec. 15. I walked into the building. People lined up wall to wall in ...

Letter to the editor

Letters to the Editor

As we are buffeted toward the upcoming midterm and statewide elections of 2022, expect to hear ad nauseum that our democracy is under attack or there is an imminent threat to democracy. Hyperbole aside, let’s examine this hypothesis. Democracy by definition is a system of government by ...

MLK’s legacy destined to endure


Coleman Hughes, who was a philosophy undergraduate at Columbia University in January 2019, made several noteworthy observations about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in an opinion article — “Martin Luther King, Colorblind Radical” — published in the Wall Street Journal. Those ...

Gesture of kindness brightens the day

Letters to the Editor

This past week, I was eating lunch at Dairy Queen in Logan Town Centre. As I was paying my bill, a man and woman in line spoke up and said they wanted to pay my bill. I did not know either of them and tried to tell them, I could pay my own bill. This kind gesture certainly brightened my ...