Keller deserving recipient


Shining rays of sun on some good news: The Blair County Chamber of Commerce’s Lifetime Achievement award is the most prestigious individual award a local business person can attain. Over the 20-year history of the award, many of the community’s giants in business have been honored. ...

Make America Great is not about Trump

Letters to the Editor

As an American, I would like to know what’s wrong with saying Make America Great Again. She’s not perfect, but she’s still the greatest country in the world. America is not doing great right now. In 19 months, the far left radical socialist Biden-Harris administration and the rest of ...

Rose Hill Cemetery remains in need

Letters to the Editor

If you are from Altoona, you are probably familiar with the sad plight of many of the local cemeteries in our area. I am the president of Rose Hill Cemetery Company, and invite you to visit Rose Hill to see the progress we have made in restoring and maintaining this cemetery to be the place ...

Hillman Center is ‘beacon of hope’

Letters to the Editor

This article is in recognition of those that serve at the Hillman Cancer Center in Altoona. I was diagnosed with cancer and have recently completed 28 sessions of radiation therapy. The treatment for this particular cancer is relatively successful — I hope. Hope is but a word. It must be ...

Authority’s efforts worthwhile


An article tucked in last Thursday’s Mirror reported on the Altoona Redevelopment Authority’s effort to find its footing, in hopes of re-establishing itself as an engine of progress, after decades of languishing as a relatively minor city agency. Likely, most of the Mountain City’s ...

Abortion: More should voice reality

Letters to the Editor

I agree with Tony Conrad’s letter to the editor in the Mirror on Friday, Sept. 10. How anyone can absolutely know how abortions are performed and not recognize it as barbaric and murder is beyond comprehension. Conrad’s last paragraph cannot be stressed more. We need to love ...