New method needed on property taxes

Letters to the Editor

Each year the Mirror publishes a list of delinquent real estate taxes. Some of these taxes are intentionally ignored and should be pursued. Some of these delinquent taxes are due to not being able to pay a large sum by a certain date. These people cannot budget that large amount to pay ...

Road improvements are appreciated

Letters to the Editor

Many people in Altoona are so grateful for all the work that was done on the streets and highways in the area this year. We are among them. We are also thankful for the protection given to the community by our local police officers. Rita and Jerry Kibler Altoona

Joyce missed chance to help Pennsylvania

Letters to the Editor

In March 2021, Rep. John Joyce said he was on the same team as President Joe Biden for Pennsylvania jobs. In an Altoona Mirror letter to the editor on April 5, 2021, I said he was hypocritical and insincere. He had already voted against the American Rescue Plan Act. That bill funded Altoona ...

Taunting incident mars school district


Some people might believe that what is to follow in this editorial would be positioned better on a sports page rather than an opinion page. After all, the editorial deals with a sports-related incident. But not so. While the foundation of the editorial is an incident that occurred at a high ...

Probation officers deserve a higher wage

Letters to the Editor

With many in the community stating they love our men and women in blue, I am perplexed as to why Blair County pays their probation officers $13.20 an hour. Where is the community’s outrage? While neighboring county probation officers are making double this rate, those in Blair County ...

Veterans should be saluted


Today, like a year ago, COVID-19 will have a negative impact on some Veterans Day activities. Some people still are fearful about gathering in group settings, even outside, such as along parade routes. Some veterans, especially those who are up in age, might be reluctant to attend free meals ...