True Catholics don’t support Biden, VP

Letters to the Editor

In response to the article in the Nov. 20 of the Mirror concerning the Catholics’ response to Biden’s stance on abortion, seriously? Every Catholic who didn’t know this prior to the election must live under a rock or in a cave. Have any of them learned the Ten Commandments? This ...

In peace at church, praying for answers

Letters to the Editor

As I sit in church, my mind sometimes wonders. I look around at the patrons with their masks covering their faces and begin to wonder what each of them are silently praying about. I see fear and sadness in some eyes along with mine. I wonder if some of the thoughts are of losing freedom ...

Dealing with state treasury no treat

Letters to the Editor

In late winter 2019, the state treasurer ran a full-page ad in the local newspaper, bragging that it was paid for by our tax money, which the ad noted unclaimed property in the names of myself and my mother, who who died Jan. 1, 2005. I printed and filled out the forms from that ...

Rep. Gregory trying to turn back time

Letters to the Editor

State Rep. Jim Gregory, R-Hollidaysburg, recently announced he will introduce a bill to repeal the provisions of the state election law that permits Pennsylvania voters to request mail-in ballots without having to cite a reason for their application. This provision, adopted in 2019, made it ...

79 million votes save our democracy

Letters to the Editor

Yes, Donald Trump has been defeated by the largest popular vote (79 million) in any presidential election in the history of our democracy. This defeat has hopefully saved our democracy, and our lives can return to some semblance of normalcy — thereby ending the rampant toxic conspiracies ...

Case can be made against Biden win

Letters to the Editor

Daniel Johnson’s letter of Nov. 27 purports “Implying President Trump was defeated because of people voting twice, dead people voting, etc. is just a ploy to delegitimize Joe’s Biden victory.” Considering his myopic view of reality, I refer to an article printed in the Pittsburgh ...