Gun users are being unfairly targeted

Letters to the Editor

In response to Stephen LoRusso letter to the editor (“GOP priorities need adjusted”) on April 1, I sincerely hope this was an April Fool’s joke. He stated it was easier to purchase a gun than to vote. First of all, you need an ID to purchase a gun. Then a background check before you ...

In support of train station tourism plan


For more years than we want to remember, it has seemed as if salvation for the historic downtown Wilkes-Barre train station was always just out of reach. After interminable legal delays over development of surrounding parcels, and then a stalemate with the previous mayor over reprogramming an ...

As our world churns, what do we believe?

Letters to the Editor

Wow, what a year it’s been. In early 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he didn’t believe this virus would be a serious problem, and face masks should not be worn and could be dangerous. The government agreed and said to follow the “science.” Well, the “science” turned on a dime ...

A ‘Swift’ approach to pandemic

Other Commentaries

Nearly three centuries ago, the Anglo-Irish satirist Jonathan Swift wrote an essay, “A Modest Proposal,” in which he advocated that Ireland’s poor families sell their infants to the rich as food. The point of his straight-faced advocacy for infanticide and cannibalism was inequality, ...

Joyce commentary hypocritical, insincere

Letters to the Editor

I find Rep. John Joyce’s commentary in the Mirror’s March 27-28 edition of being on the same team as President Joe Biden for Pennsylvania jobs hypocritical and insincere. I suppose Joyce conceded that Biden is actually president of the United States when he said he went to “Biden’s ...

Especially this year, use Easter to restore hope


Especially this year, use Easter to restore hope A slow evolution toward the way Easter was celebrated around the world pre-pandemic is occurring this weekend as Christians here and beyond commemorate Jesus Christ’s victory over death but also try to abide by recommended COVID-19 safety ...