A park ranger works to protect you

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By Dan Manka A park ranger is your friend. He is the embodiment of the law in the park. His presence keeps me safe. He enforces the rules and sees to it that others keep the rules, too. Our park is a better place, because he and his fellow rangers are there. A ranger treats everyone ...

IRS should push back its filing date


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, last year’s tax-filing season became a nightmare, not only for many millions of Americans awaiting refunds but also for the Internal Revenue Service itself. Most of the 2019 tax process remained sidetracked well into 2020 as COVID-19 continued to inflict ...

Joyce’s vote takes money from police

Letters to the Editor

Last week, U.S. Rep. John Joyce, R-13th District, accused his Democratic colleagues of voting to “defund the police” when they passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. That’s not true. The George Floyd Act makes it easier to sue and prosecute police officers who unjustifiably ...

State must fix unemployment benefits system


Of all the systemic weaknesses that the pandemic has revealed — in the economy, education, and housing and health — the failure of government is a tragedy unto itself. For the past year, the focus has centered on the failures at the federal level to respond effectively to the pandemic ...

Biden needs to make 180-degree turn

Letters to the Editor

The way this world is going, it won’t take long to ruin everything we have enjoyed in our lifetime. On March 4, Biden made a remark to the American people about Texas opening up 100%. He said it was Neanderthal thinking. Hopefully, he has to eat his words by them not seeing a ...

Altoona community trailing in vaccines

Letters to the Editor

Residents of Altoona wonder why we are left behind in the dust as far as vaccinations for COVID-19 go. Smaller communities have held more than one clinic. Pharmacies have had vaccination clinics and neither UPMC nor any of our pharmacies have done anything yet? Where is one of the ...