Urgency on virus needs turned up


Honoring veterans was a top agenda item on Wednesday but so were the words “enough capacity,” and for good reason. Unfortunately, judging from developments on the coronavirus in recent days, those words are destined to be front and center indefinitely. Officials and the public in ...

Election can use some divine intervention

Letters to the Editor

In the overall scheme of things, God’s got this presidential election. He always has a plan. I take comfort in His words: “Be still and know that I am God.” As Americans, we should be able to take a deep breath, as we did in 2000, and wait. When the presidency of the United States ...

For critic of Trump, here’s some advice

Letters to the Editor

William J. Padamonsky has been writing very harsh and uncomplimentary editorials about President Donald Trump for four years, and now he’s an epidemiologist. This man was an educator of our children. Think any of his political beliefs were ever made known in the classroom? Some advice ...

Court ‘balance’ has often swung

Other Commentaries

Recent controversy over the recent Supreme Court nomination and its impact on the balance of the court suggests an historical analysis might provide some insight into the matter. I use the political party (D or R) of the president making the nomination as proxy. Judicial temperament ...

UPMC message: Don’t let guard down

Letters to the Editor

On behalf of the regional UPMC medical staff and providers, we want to re-emphasize important messages about COVID-19, a pandemic that we are all still very much facing today, and acknowledge the heroic response to this pandemic by our incredible UPMC employees as they tirelessly care for our ...

Veterans deserve respect


Remnants still exist of the national guilt that evolved in the years following America’s failed experience in Southeast Asia — guilt stemming from the less-than-respectful treatment some veterans of the conflict received upon returning home. This country’s troops who fought in the ...