Ellis best choice for City Council

Letters to the Editor

The City of Altoona is fortunate to have Dave Ellis willing to serve on City Council. Ellis has an extensive background in law enforcement, including working as an Altoona police officer and as an investigator for the State Attorney General’s Office. He has a history of providing ...

GOP doesn’t help everyday workers

Letters to the Editor

Help is here -— stimulus check, COVID-19 vaccine distribution, small business assistance, extended unemployment benefits, mortgage foreclosure delays, financial support to municipal authorities, schools, hospitals, etc. All this has been made possible with not one GOP vote. Not Sen. Pat ...

Gables’ history about to write another chapter


From a retail perspective, downtown Altoona never will be the place it was a half-century ago, before businesses’ exodus to the corridor consisting of Plank Road, Pleasant Valley Boulevard and Valley View Boulevard. However, the downtown has maintained a service character that, while not as ...

Handling of PA nursing homes merits probe


One year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic was taking direct aim and we were scrambling to avoid being struck. Almost immediately, it seemed, many nursing homes were under siege with not only cases of the coronavirus but soon also deaths. Trying to get information for any specific nursing home in ...

With union help, Biden will create jobs

Letters to the Editor

In a recent political notebook in the Altoona Mirror, the writer almost got enough courage to say that President Biden’s infrastructure plan would create jobs locally , but instead suggested we would only see change locally. The hard fact is real manufacturing jobs have left Blair County ...

Ellis has background to serve city council

Letters to the Editor

Altoona City Council speaks for the city residents. With the advent of change, a mandate exists ensuring the best interests of its people are held to a high level of performance by its members. I want a candidate who has devoted his life’s work to the betterment of the people of the ...