HASB should think of community

Letters to the Editor

The most recent Hollidaysburg School Board meeting brought out the best and worst in our community. While students, teachers and administrators are facing increased issues regarding safety, mental health, Covid, and the district is facing a severe impending financial deficit, several school ...

Fox News delivers truthful reporting

Letters to the Editor

In response to Joseph Silverman’s letter on June 12: Nowadays I can only watch so much of the news channels and then must turn to other programming to maintain my sanity. But when I want real information about what is going on in our country, I will watch Fox News. For over the past ...

Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Send in a circus tent for use in Washington To our president and congressional members: Does the word shame come to mind? I believe there is a bus leaving for South America. We might as well board it because there isn’t anyone left there. If our president doesn’t wise up, and soon, the ...

Plenty of questions surround Jan. 6

Letters to the Editor

Why were cops waving people in? Why did Byrd shoot an unarmed defenseless veteran? How did magnetic doors get opened? Why weren’t John Sullivan and Ray Epps charged? Why did Pelosi turn down National Guard help? Why don’t they show the full statement by Donald Trump when he said be ...

Too many people speeding on I-99

Letters to the Editor

An observation while traveling I-99 from Plank Road entrance to Tyrone exit. Vehicles traveling in either direction, when the speed limit is 55 mph, 85 to 90% are traveling 65 mph to 75 mph. When the speed limit is 70 mph, 85 to 90% are traveling 80 to 85 mph. This is why accidents are ...

Our view: Public dollars should always be in full view


What follows has nothing to do with any current Altoona Area School District administrator or school board member. However, what happened with the Altoona board and district administrators of about 50 years ago remains as relevant and instructive today for any governmental entity, agency, ...