Allow yourself

a chance to

smell the roses

And just like that, a year is gone.

It seems like yesterday Penn State was on its way to March Madness with a good team that had a chance to win a game or two.

Today, a new coach, who may have the equipment guy as his starting point guard as the majority of the team is looking to jump ship in the transfer portal.

This is truly the best sports time of the year. The greatest event on planet earth with the NCAA tourney, the collegiate wrestling championships and the Masters.

So, let’s all take a moment to stop complaining about everything, and take a few moments to smell the roses. Or tulips as it would be.

Stop watching the news, even though it is getting a little more tolerable. Stop yelling at each other on social media and put your phones away for ten minutes.

Go walk around Canoe Creek. Hit a trail. It’s right here and many of us don’t take advantage of it. We’re going to be enjoying cold beverages at Peoples Gas Field watching the Curve soon.

In two months, there will be so much vaccine available, you’ll be getting it at Sam’s Club at the same time you enjoy those yummy free little weenie barbecue hot dogs on a stick.

The world isn’t perfect, and it’s not getting any closer to perfect today or tomorrow. So let’s take a deep breath and enjoy what we have.

Living in this area is pretty darn good, but many of us are missing it. This was a fast year, spent zooming, binging and masking.

Remember what Ferris Bueller said, the world moves pretty fast…

Jeff Bartlett


PSU hockey team

has a bright future

The Penn State men’s hockey team put a murderous scare into Wisconsin in the Big Ten tournament.

Even the Wisconsin team came over to hug and console our guys.

I think our team created some grit when they beat Notre Dame on the Irish’s own ice and carried that momentum over to the Wisconsin game.

These Lions are young and will be heard from next year.

Les Hart



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