Letter disgusting, bigoted

I am writing in response to the “Same-sex solution” letter published in the Mirror on Aug. 20, and written by Ed Leipold.

I find what he wrote absolutely disgusting and bigoted. The number one thing I noticed was that he suggested that a “normal” couple must produce a child. So is he saying that infertile couples must never be married? What about couples that choose to not become parents?

Are these not “normal” couples, even if they include his ancient and outdated ideals of being between a man and a woman? How does the birth of a child solidify a marriage? When a wife goes through menopause, is her marriage nullified because she can no longer have children?

There isn’t a single child in a family where there is a same-sex couple at the top of it that isn’t wanted.

There was careful planning, love, and a total want for every single child in a same-sex house-hold, or the child wouldn’t have been brought into the family. I have heard of several “accidents” when it comes to his alleged “normal” couples.

Even some of my closest friends were unwanted by their parents. What’s worse? Being raised by same-sex parents or being unwanted or neglected?

I think it is time for everyone to accept change and move on. I remember learning about racial segregation and thinking that it is extremely silly that it even occurred.

I cannot wait to look back on the time period we are currently in – where equality is an issue – and think about how silly of a time in our country’s history it is.

All of us are created equal; why are people challenging that? We should all have equal rights.

Katie Groom

Nanty Glo