NRA about money

Not being a gun owner, I cannot fully understand the mindset of these fanatics who get on national television and scream and yell about how Obama is trying to take away their guns and their second amendment rights.

One man threatened to start killing people.

If this is not compelling, in-your-face proof that this country needs to enact and enforce some major gun control, I don’t know what is.

Why would anyone oppose a ban on military-style assault weapons? Why any normal citizen would need such a weapon is hard to fathom.

I can understand wanting guns for hunting, wanting a gun for personal protection. When the Constitution was written so long ago, I don’t think our forefathers envisioned citizens walking the streets carrying assault weapons, let alone walking into a church or a school, anywhere, any time, and using that same assault weapon to kill perfect strangers and innocent children.

Times have changed, and we have to change with them or this country will turn into a war zone.

We all know that a gun is only the instrument, that someone has to pull the trigger. That’s all the more reason for in-depth background checks on every single individual wishing to purchase a gun, paying particular attention to mental health issues that may surface, and follow-up checks every year or so would be a good thing.

Why would anyone oppose such a thing? It may delay the purchase for a short time, but what’s the rush? The only reason to oppose extensive background checks would be if you yourself have a questionable background. If you have nothing to hide, what are you afraid of?

I don’t recall Obama or anyone else saying that they want to confiscate every gun that every individual in this country owns or that they want to mess with their Second Amendment rights.

But that’s what the NRA and all its gun-toting members want us to believe. There’s a big difference between gun control and gun confiscation. Something has to be done. This country has one of the highest rates of gun violence in the entire world.

And if you think the NRA’s outrage is about your Second Amendment rights, well maybe on some small scale but doubtful.

It’s all about money, power and profit.

The more guns you buy, the more money they make. Money equals power. It’s a no-brainer. Anyone who can’t comprehend that should take off the blinders.

Elizabeth K. Shade