‘It’s cheaper to die than to be healthy’

I just had to send an opinion about health care these days.

I remember when I was a kid that doctors actually cared genuinely about a patient’s health instead of the coverage and dollar signs.

Here I am, 50 years old, and numerous health problems are more than likely going to kill me soon because, unfortunately, I can’t afford a doctor’s appointment unless I sell a body part or rob a bank or ignore bills that are required to live.

My own work company wants a phenomenal fee for coverage, which basically ends up being enough that I work for free for a week.

What happened to America that all we can do is rip off our own people so others can live in glory?

It’s sad when other places, such as Canada, can supply their people with health coverage for free, but yet people like me are so afraid to get medical attention because we would lose everything being buried in a doctor bill.

It’s very sad that it’s cheaper to die than to be healthy or treated for an illness. America no longer cares about its people.

Jody Hancuff



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