‘Lynch-mob trial’ last thing we need

There are two ways the Senate trial could go.

The first: Our honorable Republican representatives will act as responsible jurors, weighing both sides of the issue, calling for new witnesses and other evidence.

This is what I expect will happen. This is the American way.

The second is to focus the trial on the Democratic party. Or the party against theirs.

This is what Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is pushing for. This type of “lynch-mob mentality” has no use for witnesses, sees no need to refute the evidence.

The guilty party is labeled and demonized along with all the witnesses.

Is the Ukrainian president’s statement the best defense that President Donald Trump’s people can come up with? Put yourself in President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s place.

If you felt pressured, would you admit it? Would you forfeit all future aid to your country for the sake of telling the truth?

God help us if this is allowed to become a lynch-mob trial.

Grace Y. Szwarc



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