Lettermen, Mishler teamed for great event

On behalf of JD Promotions LLC, I would like to thank Russell Barton for his recent comments in the Mirror regarding The Lettermen concert on May 21 at the Mishler Theatre and also clarify a few points so that all have a better understanding of the situations mentioned.

The Altoona audience was part of a historical time in the life of The Lettermen as Tony Butala, the only original member, announced his retirement four shows prior to coming to Altoona to perform.

Altoona was conceivably the last show that he would be in except on rare unannounced dates. We also got to welcome the newest member of The Lettermen, Robert “Rob” Gulack, with his outstanding and blending voice to keep the sound of The Lettermen alive and well.

In regards to the mention of cellphones, The Lettermen, in addition to a very strong fan base of seniors, also have been blessed with a younger crowd joining in. They, in fact, encourage Facebook, texting or other social media platforms, which is the form of communication of today.

As far as the comment regarding the announcing, I will accept the criticism. It is not the theater’s responsibility for the pre-show announcement. I have been doing the announcing, and in my older age, my voice is not what it used to be.

The announcement was made offstage due to my physical ability to walk on stage and, without any time for practice, the technical director for the Lettermen handed me what is called a “rollout” five minutes before show time and said that is the way they would like to be introduced.

Any comments regarding the sound do not fall on the Mishler techs. Most groups, including The Lettermen, have a front of house sound engineer as part of their entourage. It is he that controls the presentation of the show to the group’s liking.

All in all, it is a pleasure to bring top-notch entertainment to the Altoona area knowing that the several hours of pleasure may have lightened a burden to ones’ soul and to know that many out of town fans use these concert dates as a reason to come home and unite with family and friends.

All of the hours of securing, contract negotiating, providing hospitality and catering, securing hotel rooms, supplying instrumentation in most cases and paying the bills are well worth the effort.

Numerous shows are in the planning.

James Daski



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