Donley shows he’ll fight for AASD students

The Altoona Area School District faces many significant challenges over the next four years, and we need school board members who can lead the District to face those challenges head on.

The AASD board faces decisions that will impact the quality of education that AASD students receive for years to come.

The voters must demand leaders who are not afraid to deal with the tough issues, which is why I support John Donley for Altoona Area School Board.

Most importantly, Donley understands the value of a solid public education. He has also shown repeatedly that he is willing to fight to ensure that our children are prepared for the future and possess the skills needed to succeed in the modern economy.

Donley cares about our children and their future and a vote for him is a vote to fight for them. Please join me in supporting John Donley for Altoona Area School Board.

Jason Imler, Altoona