Trump is right to protect border

If conditions in Honduras are so bad and they are leaving for the United States, why is the “mob” caravan waving Honduran flags and sending derogatory messages to President Donald Trump?

Why not use the U.S. flag (rather than putting a swastika sign on it and then setting it on fire as they were doing)?

Why did they “bum-rush” 500 Mexican cops if they are law-abiding people only seeking safety? Really?

Why are they almost all young men?

If they were so poor and desperate to leave Honduras, why do they all have phones? When did they come up with the $7,000 each to join the 10,000 invasion caravan? Who is supporting the caravan to attack American sovereignty?

Many men were spotted handing out cash to the migrants, speculating it has been professionally organized and funded.

If they’re not coming here seeking asylum, they’re invading the United States for all the “free” entitlements they will be given, paid by you the taxpayers, while they don’t pay taxes on any of their entitlements — medical, welfare, housing, food stamps, schooling, cash allowances, etc. (free phones, however; they all seem to have phones).

The Mexican government wanted to give them asylum and jobs, but they refused, wanting to only enter the U.S.

With several thousand now reaching Tijuana, Mexico, hundreds of their residents are protesting their arrival, urging them to go home, saying they have no problem with legal immigration but are opposed to an “illegal invasion.”

There are reports of them urinating on the streets and stealing from shop owners.

It is time for President Trump to protect our borders from this illegal invasion. If any qualify for asylum, they need to apply for it the right way — legally and with civility.

Phyllis Hetrick