Reopening of school will fall to taxpayers

Our illustrious Altoona Area School Board is mulling a decision to reopen a school that should have never been closed in the first place.

Washington – Jefferson Elementary was closed by the school board in a move that was protested by parents, and the school board members being who they are turned a deaf ear to the protests and closed

the school.

Now they have come to the conclusion that they should not have closed it as it has led to overcrowding.

Well mercy me: It seems that was one of the concerns the protesting parents mentioned to the school board.

Now they want to reopen this school, which will cost a great deal of money, one can only guess, and guess who gets to foot the bill — we the already overtaxed citizens in this school district.

This will happen on top of the $88 million new high school building that the school district will be expecting us to pay for.

Let’s not kid ourselves: The school board can host as many open to the public meetings that it wants, but they have made their mind up and will be constructing that mistake regardless of how much protestations the people put up.

Ronda Wininger