Judge presidency with objectivity

A recent letter to the editor written by John Hunter Orr really caught my attention.

In it he appears to be attacking President Donald Trump in any way he can. And in it he brings the president’s course of conduct up during the race for the office.

Orr brought up the incident where Trump made some body movements which was taken to mock a disabled New York Times reporter.

This was something that really should not have been done by Trump, but Orr goes on to say how it hurt him, how Trump should never be in the highest office in the land, and that for him no forgiveness to Trump will ever come.

What Orr never brought up was when then President Barack Obama mocked the bowling abilities of Special Olympic children.

Something tells me this issue didn’t bother him as Trump’s issue did as this was just a way to jab at Trump. If you want to make a statement, be objective about it. Throw stones at both sides when the circumstances warrant it instead of being just a sore loser.

It will make one’s issue much more meaningful.

Daniel Stuckey