Commissioners didn’t see the big picture

I read these articles pertaining to the numerous property tax hikes and listen to some very dear friends of mine, some of whom are elderly whose taxes doubled and tripled.

It is a true shame that the elderly on fixed incomes get such an increase that they are forced to move or place their house up for sale.

It is very obvious to me that the Blair County commissioners did not look at the big picture as to how it affects elderly people on fixed incomes. I cannot understand why the commissioners just did not do an “across the board” same rate for all.

If every household in the county were to have their taxes raised by $200, we would not have everyone wasting their time going to appeals, having to pay for appraisals, and yet they still get denied.

I was one of the fortunate ones whose taxes did not increase. I surely would not have objected to my taxes going up $200 across the board so that my elderly neighbor does not have to pay for a triple increase.

I also wonder if the county commissioners were aware that they would become a real estate company?

Well guess what: You read in the newspaper about all the houses that go up for taxes, well just take a guess on how many more the county will acquire? Their tax sale list now has doubled. Their audience that goes to the tax sales will diminish a great deal because no one wants to buy a house at a tax sale that has outrageous taxes.

Now the county will own many more properties for them to take care of. The treatment of people whom I am friends with all stated how rudely they were treated. Well to all of you people whose taxes increased by double, triple and yes, quadrupled, please remember this come next election. I truly see many new, different people running for Blair County commissioner during the next election.

Wilbert Cartwright