Certificate rules wrong

Produce certificates: I get them, but anymore it is not worth it.

It used to be when you got them, you could use them on tomatoes from anywhere. But now thanks to those idiots in Harrisburg, you must buy produce bought and raised in Pennsylvania.

This year, I got tomatoes at $1.49 right next to tomatoes for 99 cents a pound. Local produce is hardly ever ready when you get your certificates. Who is the recipient of all this profits? Why, the Amish. They seem to have the monopoly in this area on these certificates.

Do not even go down to Sinking Valley anymore because of the high prices.

People in the know are telling me the average price for a tomato at his so-called auction is $1.

I am sick and tired of these people doing what they are doing.

The idiots in Harrisburg need to put it back the way it was – use them where you can get the best price.

Joe Brubaker Sr.