Mirror editorials lack transparency

It has always been my understanding that the purpose of a newspaper, no matter how great or small its circulation, was to report the news as honestly and accurately as possible, absolutely free of bias.

However, in most every edition of the Altoona Mirror, there is an article under the byline of “our view” that is blatantly biased, either in favor of or against whatever subject they are writing about.

When speaking against someone or something such as Obama or Obamacare, they offer no proof, no source, no statistics or anything else that would create even an illusion of accuracy.

It seems rather unethical of the Mirror to publish these sometimes scathing, sometimes glowing, articles but what bothers me even more is the lack of an author. When an editorial contributor such as myself sends in something to be published, I have to give my name, address and phone number. Why is there never a name attached to these articles? Surely not everyone who works for the Mirror shares the opinions of “our view.”

The Mirror should require that whoever writes “our view,” no matter the subject, sign their name or names so their readers can know who to agree or disagree with, if they feel the need to respond.

If they want to publish their opinion, they should be required to publish their name as well, just like the rest of us and stop hiding behind anonymity.

Elizabeth K. Shade, Hollidaysburg