Logan Township wise in beefing up PSU Altoona rules

The inappropriate conduct of some Penn State Altoona students at collegiate parties this year has begun diverting some of the Logan Township supervisors’ time from other township business.

However, the township is wise in trying to reverse the course of a situation that is becoming more troublesome – and potentially dangerous – although it can be argued that the time could be better spent.

While occasional rowdiness is not uncommon in a college setting – anybody who ever has attended college knows that – there’s a difference between innocent noise and antics and unlawful conduct such as massive underage drunkenness and potential damage to public and private property.

The current situation involving Penn State Altoona students has exceeded the extent of what can and should be tolerated.

As young adults who presumably have productive careers and important responsibilities ahead, they shouldn’t put themselves in the position of having to answer future questions about criminal charges they’ve faced for immature, irresponsible behavior.

It is appropriate to ponder what job-hunting disadvantages lie ahead for new college graduates who must confess to potential employers that they were arrested for throwing a beer bottle or other objects at a police officer or police cruiser, or that they engaged in other disorderly or drunken conduct, or civil disobedience, that resulted in arrest or school-imposed punishment.

The township’s coming actions might help some young people avoid such future job-hunting predicaments, although that is second to the foremost goal of ensuring the township’s overall well-being.

College life is a wonderful experience for those who don’t doom their future by way of stupid conduct.

Penn State Altoona students should reflect on the arrest records – and their many ramifications – for those PSU main campus students who allowed themselves to become caught up in the violence that erupted as a result of the Jerry Sandusky scandal and the firing of longtime Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

A party at Logan Township’s Nittany Pointe housing complex on Sept. 28 was the latest activity to raise serious concerns among township officials. It was a reaction similar to the one following a party at the same complex in April.

Both “events” resulted in multiple students being charged for such violations as underage drinking.

In the latest incident, firefighters had to be summoned to help a student get down safely from a water tower; during the April party, which township police regarded as a riot, bottles were thrown, including one believed targeted at a police vehicle.

The township supervisors have directed their solicitor to seek ways to beef up ordinances in an effort to end such behavior. It’s better for the township to “waste” time now on something it should not have to deal with, rather than keep a window open for similar – or worse – happenings in the future.