City man faces theft charges

Police: Pfahler stole vehicle from grandmother

An Altoona man faces felony charges after police say he stole a vehicle from his grandmother.

Travis J. Pfahler, 31, allegedly snatched the keys to the vehicle from his grandmother about 6:30 a.m. Saturday at her home on the 1900 block of Pine Avenue before driving off.

According to police, Pfahler came downstairs from his room and told his grandmother he needed to get in the vehicle, which was parked outside, and she told him it was unlocked. Pfahler walked out to the vehicle, but returned to the house and said it was locked.

Police noted the grandmother told Pfahler the vehicle was not locked and after a brief argument, she pulled out her keys to unlock the vehicle with the remote key fob.

It was then that Pfahler grabbed them from her hands and ran out the door. Pfahler’s grandmother yelled to him to return with the keys but he climbed into the vehicle and drove off, police said.

When the grandmother contacted Pfahler’s wife so she could contact him and tell him to return to the house, Pfahler allegedly sent his wife a text message relaying that he was on his way back.

After waiting about a half-hour for Pfahler to return, his grandmother called the police. Pfahler arrived a short time later and was taken into custody on felony robbery and theft counts.

Police said he was also driving on a DUI suspended license, one that was to be suspended until the first week in November.

Pfahler was released on a unsecured $15,000 bond after his arraignment Saturday. His preliminary hearing is slated for Nov. 1 at Central Court.