Humane Society lowers fees

The Central Pennsylvania Humane Society has lowered its adoption fees for the rest of the month because the shelter is at capacity, according to a release.

“These animals, who cannot speak for themselves, are counting on each of us in the community to help,” said Rick Vanevenhoven, the shelter’s acting executive director, in the release. “We are at capacity and need everyone’s help.”

The price to adopt a kitten has been reduced from $75 to $50, with a second kitten free, according to the release. If an adopted kitten has not been spayed or neutered, both must be of the same sex.

Adult cats can be adopted for $35 instead of $50, with another unaltered one for free. A spayed or neutered adult cat can be adopted for $10, according to the release.

The shelter is also offering a half-off sale on the fees to adopt dogs, according to the release. A dog that has not been spayed or neutered between 1 and 5 years of age can be adopted for $87.50, while a fixed dog of the same age can be adopted for a $42.50 fee.

Unaltered dogs between 6 and 9 years old can be adopted for $32.50, or $22.50 if the dog is fixed. Dogs older than 9 can be adopted for free, according to the release.

Any senior citizen, ages 65 and up, who wishes to adopt a pet, will also only pay half of the usual fee, regardless of the pet’s age, according to the release. Veterans also can use the same price cut, according to the release.

For all adoptions, there is a $5 application fee required, according to the release, and a microchip for the pet that also costs $5. There may also be additional fees for necessary dog licenses.

The Humane Society is also soliciting people to foster pets while they await adoption or pay the adoption fees to allow someone else to take the pet, according to the release.

“Everyone can do something,” Vanevenhoven said in the release.

Pets available at the shelter can be viewed online at