Logging company owner: Pledge to repair Taylor Twp. roads exists

ROARING SPRING – Taylor Township officials complaining of damaged roads have already been promised compensation and are now simply after extra money, the owner of the logging company allegedly responsible for the damage said Wednesday.

Aquillas Peachey, owner of Clinton County-based Oak Ridge Lumber – listed as Oakridge Lumber in some online directories – said he arranged nearly a year ago to pay the township $21,000 for damage caused by his company’s logging work.

The logging, carried out periodically on land in Taylor Township that is owned by Roaring Spring Borough, has left Plum Creek Boulevard battered amid continual truck traffic, township Supervisor Bill Replogle said this week.

Replogle approached Roaring Spring Council at a Monday meeting to solicit a monetary contribution for road repairs. Because the council members contracted with Oak Ridge, he said, they carry a moral responsibility to help reverse the damage.

Told by Roaring Spring Council members to call in a $16,500 bond against Oak Ridge, Replogle said the amount wouldn’t cover the repairs needed on the boulevard.

Peachey acknowledged that his work has affected the partially paved road but said he has already arranged a larger payment: $21,000 due when the township carries out repairs, according to a contract signed in September.

“I’m not denying the fact that we did some damage. I think we probably did,” he said.

But Replogle’s request for more money from Roaring Spring – tens of thousands of dollars, by some council members’ calculations – goes beyond what Taylor Township needs, Peachey said.

“We have agreed to pay for our own damage,” he said. “The township is trying to get some extra money here.”

Replogle did not respond to a message seeking comment Wednesday.

Mirror Staff Writer Ryan Brown is at 946-7457.