Blair County

Craig and Maria Bolger to Mark Eberwein, 4801-4803, 4807 and 4901-4903 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $189,900.

Ralph E. Jr. and Toni Diehl to Kimberly Hanlon, 912 24th Ave., Altoona, $89,900.

David and Nancy Bishop to Joseph A. Sr. and Ruth Miller, Lynn Road, Freedom Township, $220,000.

David and Joy Freidenbloom to Donald Bookhammer and Nancy Mobley, Cove Lane Road, Taylor Township, $142,500.

Jason and Amanda Larson to Joshua Reffner and Lynna Chesney, Mallard Lane, Freedom Township, $195,000.

Eric and Suzanne Hooper to Bradley Blontz, property in Logan Township, $135,000.

Nicholas and Tammy Patterson and Tammy and Jeffrey L. Rogers Jr. to David and Jessica Park, property in Greenfield Township, $27,000.

Patty Morganthal to Dustin Weyandt, Reed Street, Greenfield Township, $115,000.

Gerald Hoover to James and Diane Keyser, property in Blair Township, $131,580.

David and Theresa Showalter to Casey Grubb, Walnut Avenue, Altoona, $107,000.

Frank Gerhart to James and Deborah Steinbugl, 1317 First Ave., Altoona, $47,500.

Anna Augustine to Randy and Debbie Socie, 222 Logan Ave., Logan Township, $30,000.

Kyle Mock and Kayla Noel to Kayla Noel, Girard Street, Roaring Spring, $59,500.

Jean Killinger to Danielle Chilcote and Travis Schaeffer, 601-609 Rosehill Drive, Altoona, $61,000.

John Massaro to Regina Finelli, 1708 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $15,000.

Jerry and Deborah Goldstein to David and Danielle Angello, Newry Lane, Blair Township, $128,000.

Daryl and Nellie Wright to Brian and Barbara Webb, Edgar Street, Hollidaysburg, $274,000.

Daniel Sweeney to Charles and Eugeneia Mills, property in Tyrone, $20,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Todd Steiner, 1097 Reservior Road, Blair Township, $23,100.

Rock Crawford and Susan Dougherty to David and Rochelle Criddle, Wyngate Lane, Logan Township, $85,500.

Charles, Charlene, Barry, Marsha, Mark and Beverly Wood, and Paula and Mark Moyer to Allyson Moyer, 316 N. 11th Ave., Altoona, $60,000.

Sherry D’George also known as Sherry Eitnier to Isreal and Sadie Swarey, property in Tyrone Township, $42,000.

John Knab to Dennis Parrish, property in Logan Township, $55,620.

Bedford County

D. Ray and Peggy A. Knepper to Terry L. and Mindy K. Bricker, property in Broad Top Township, $74,900.

Alberta P. Rose to Kurt E. Crawford, property in Bedford Township, $120,000.

Cathy H. Knee, Cathy H. Ramper and Thomas F. and Stephen R. Cunningham to Timothy R. Duncan property in Saxton, $37,000.

James E. and William R. Tate to Jacob and Carmen Oldham, property in West St. Clair Township, $15,000.

Ethel M. Carroll Brooks and Ethel M. Carroll to James E. and Jenifer L. Keebaugh, property in East Providence Township, $10,000.

BUR CAM Group LLC to MER CAR DG Corp., property in Hyndman, $310,000.

Ryan L. and Carey L. Lancaster and Carey L. Kinser to Leon Arthur and Loretta Amtower, property in Londonderry Township, $103,000.

Michael S. Pappafotis and Louise Lang to Brian R. and Thomas M. Maceyak, property in East Providence Township, $24,000.

James S. and Stacey L. Simmons to Michele Miller and John C. Savage, property in West Providence Township, $259,000.

Robert B. Lochrie Jr. Revocable Trust to Brian W. and Christy A. Millard, property in West St. Clair Township, $462,500.

Paul and Ladona Plovish to Ronald K. Cogan, property in West Providence Township, $120,000.

Clearfield County

Richard E. and Janet L. Billotte to Jennifer L. Hughes, property in Lawrence Township, $130,000.

William H. IV and Teresa A. Edwards to Cory and Chelsey McCully, property in Osceola Mills, $89,900.

Stephen F. and Angela D. Bills to David L. and Charlotte Eager, property in Greenwood Township, $160,000.

Tyler E. and Kaylle D. Wagner to Thomas H. and Keashna A. McGee, property in Gulich Township, $63,500.

Travis J. and Christina A. Long to Scott J. Wagner, property in Burnside Township, $180,000.

Transland Corp. to Paul I. and Kathy M. McDowell, property in Bradford Township, $50,000.

Jason L. and Nicole D. Ignatius to Richard W. Foust, property in Sandy Township, $307,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Deborah S. Guerra, property in Morris Township, $85,000.

Frances M. Minnick to Elmer J. and Betty R. Yoder, property in Chest Township, $60,000.

Margaret F. and Andres L. Ransel to Patricia B. Eaton, property in Osceola Mills, $132,500.

Ralph P. and Nancy C. Winterich to Robin L. and Sharon Lee Hay, property in Sandy Township, $231,500.

Connie Jean Bish and Bernard E. Bish Jr. Estate to Ronald J. and Vicky L. Higgins, $10,000.

Corbert Construction Inc. to Zingcao Nie and Renhuan XU, property in Sandy Township, $164,000.

William A. Lindstrom to Kelsey S. Reed, property in Clearfield, $50,000.

Michael B. and Amy J. Churner to Terril R. Stiles III and Kortney A. Domanick, property in Brisbin, $19,000.

Donald D. and Deborah M. Ross to Robert W. Gallagher Jr. and Kelsie R. Murphy, property in Gulich Township, $115,000.

Elaine J. Donley to James A. and Giulia Milliken Abernethy, property in Woodward Township, $10,000.

Cathy Larue and John Lebda to Jeffrey R. Emeigh, property in Beccaria Township, $14,000.

Thomas R. Lanager to Harry J. Frisco, property in Bloom Township, $102,000.

Jason G. and Paula Collins to Allen A. Test, property in Pike Township, $46,000.

Huntingdon County

Danny E. and Jennifer L. Richardson to Duane E. Mills, property in Rockhill, $33,000.

Sylvia A. Thompson to Richard R. Gutierrez Trust, property in Warriors Mark Township, $349,900.

John E., Samuel D., Daniel E. and Henry T. Peachey to Abner N. and Rachel E. Zook and Reuben K. and Emma Mae Peachey, property in Walker Township, $300,000.

Ronald S. Myers to James R. and Ashlee J. Myers, property in Alexandria, $146,700.

Cindy A. and Donald T. Gibboney to Kristin N. Mussleman, property in Porter Township, $172,500.

Marlin L. and Arlene H. Martin to Steven J. and Kathleen E. Frey, property in Springfield Township, $79,900.

Stacey L. Shriner and Stacey L. Mills to Karen S. Young, property in Walker Township, $35,000.

Gentry Grand LLC to Michael E. and Brandi L. Gentry, property in Hopewell Township, $270,979.

Carl E. Sr. and Carl E. Bilger to John T. and Penny J. Waters, property in Shirley Township, $55,000.

Mack M. and Helen M. Yohn Trust to Kevin R. and Kimberly C. Bushey, property in Penn Township, $223,000.

Scott T. and Judy A. Himes to Mark A. and Diane T. Morningstar, property in Huntingdon, $90,000.

John Kirk, John Sarver and James Mitchell Fite to John Kirk and John Sarver, property in Warriors Mark Township, $50,595.

Lelia Waneta Suomela to Christopher M. and Dawn A. Suomela, property in Petersburg, $80,000.

Daniel T. and Rachael A. Pike and Rachael A. Rinehuls to Sandra R. Bryson, property in Warriors Mark Township. $239,900.

John B. Kooken Jr. to Irvin C. Gallaher and Kristina R. McCartney, property in Shirley Township, $40,500.