GCBL, AAABA teams play for one title

Mirror photo by Isaac Ritchey. Lilly Conrad second baseman Brandon Ickes is chased by Locker Room shortstop Tyler Stiffler while caught in a rundown between second and third base.

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The Altoona AAABA League has been partners with the Altoona Greater City Baseball League for many years.

Usually, though, each league would crown its own champion.

This season, because a AAABA National Tournament will not be held in Johnstown, the two leagues will become one, playing for the City League championship at the end of the season.

The league will be separated into two divisions with the top three teams in each of the four-team divisions making the playoffs. The two AAABA League teams, Johnston Realty and Cumming Motors, will be in separate divisions.

Defending champion Lilly Conrad Chiropractic-American Legion will be trying for its 15th league title in the last 18 seasons.

Last year’s runner-up, Locker Room, will not field a team, but the City League will get a new entry, Furrer Beverage.

The season begins at 2 p.m. Sunday with Blair County Oil playing at Lilly.

Here is a rundown of each of the teams:

B&M Contracting

Managers: Nick Pettenati and Ken Durbin

Last year’s record: 8-13, lost in the semifinals

Returning players: Ray Watt of-p-ss-c; Brandon Fesko 3b-p-of; Brandon Durbin 3b-ss-of; Ricky Patterson p-of; Mark Mardula c-of; Jeremy Smick 1b-of; Billy Dicken 2b-of; Julius Niemand of-p; Rich Ball 2b-p-c; Nick Pettenati of; Nate Teno p-of; Jordon Colon p-of; Brandon Behe of; Brandon Madigan of-2b; Andrew Maul p-3b; Braedon O’Donnell 2b-of-p

Newcomers: Ej Murcieak of-2b; Luke Mento of-1b-p Will Lozinak of-p; Mikey Sanders of-2b; Ken Durbin of

Strengths: “Fielding and pitching.”

Concerns: “Nothing.”

Overall outlook: “We look pretty solid. Pitching is gonna be our key point. Hoping we can get the bats going.”

Team to beat: Everyone

Blair County Oil

Manager: Dale Snyder

Assistant coach: Jared Prugar

Last year’s record: 10-10, lost in the semifinals

Returning players: Dylan Conrad c-inf.; Shawn Conrad p; Ben Foose p-inf.; Jim Harshbarger 1b-dh; Keith Kawtoski of; Chad Luensmann p-inf.; Alex Marchi p-inf.; Matt Masarro inf.-p; Dylan Oswalt of; Jared Prugar p-1b; Mark Saxman 1b-p; Will Snyder of; Sean Steffy of; Mark Stewart p-inf.-c; Noah Stewart of-c; Tyler Sweeney p-inf.-of; Josh Wyandt inf.;

Newcomers: Lucas Nicodemus p-inf.; Jordan Mesoraco c-inf.-of; Sal Paniagua 1b-dh; Austin Lewis, p

Strengths: “Great hitting. Should field well also.”

Concerns: “Pitching depth.”

Overall outlook: “We are definitely a team that has the talent. With the additions we made, only got better.”

Cumming Motors

Manager: Chris Sanders

Coaches: Tony Sinisi, Jamie Eckenrode, Tyler Neff, Mark Hott

Last year’s record: 14-7

Returning players: Jake Cherry 1b-c; Matt Parks 3b-of; Ryan Leonard of; Larry Corle 2b; Chase Smith of; Brendan Kuhns inf.-of-p; Mike Turiano inf.-of-p; Austin Miller p-inf.; Dakota Chamberlain p-inf.; Corey Chamberlain of-p; Cam Mauk 1b-p; Brandon Durbin inf.-of; Jack Johnson p-inf.; Logan Margroum c-1b; Keaton Nolan of-inf.; Quinten Moslak of; Jake Stolarski p-1b; Jacob Ebersole p; Adam Sinisi 3b-c; Nevin Wood p; Josh Krise p; Alex Hoenstine inf.; Hunter Emerick 1b-p; Zack Boslett of; Casey Winters 1b-of

Newcomers: Jack Hurley of; Kevin Karstetter ss-3b; Trey Shaw c-3b; Ryan Whitehead p; Marcus Day of; Colton Burd c-3b; Chayce McCombie p; Devon Boyles inf.-of-p; Jeff Hoenstine inf.-p; Paxton Kling of-inf.; Tyreke Green of; Harrison Pontoli ss-inf.; Christian Gabriel of

Strengths: “Offensive-minded team. Close-knit group of kids. A lot of experience from last year.”

Concerns: “The long lay-off from the shut down and, as always, pitching.”

Overall outlook: “Going to be a fun season. Team is molding very well. A lot of new pitchers from the college level and travel ball level. Should be an exciting season as we try and achieve our goals.”

Team to beat: “The whole league is going to be super competitive, and every team is going to be a challenge every game.”

Furrer Beverage

Manager: Dominic Georgiana

Last year’s record: First year

Roster: Dom Georgiana; John Fanelli; Max Sankey; Danny Carrieri; AJ Abraham; Nick Leamer; Mike McCall; Josh Yasulitus; Mark Fanelli; Maxx Swineford; Justin Charlton; Aaron Yasulitus; John Gority; Gus Dellinger; Mike Folcarelli; Braeden Burchfield; Daniel Ramsey; David Pleva; Matt Furrer; Sam Homan; Tyler Berkheimer; Matt Georgiana; Adam Georgiana; Paul Liebal

Strengths: “Young and athletic. We should be fine offensively. We would make a great football squad.”

Concerns: “Pitching. Need to make routine plays defensively.”

Overall outlook: “We should be competitive. Pitching has to hold up, especially with the condensed season.”

Johnston Realty

Manager: Craig Treese

Last year’s record: 14-6, 0-3 in National AAABA Tournament

Returning players: Tyler Treese inf.-of; Cory Storm inf.-p; Frank Montecalvo of; Keegan Soltis inf.-c; Drew Weglarz of-p; Allen Mackey c; Lane Wertz c; Alex Kitko p-inf.; Hunter Klotz c-of; Austin Hammerle p-inf.; Gage Coudriet p; Lennox Pugh inf.; Brenden Hileman p-inf.; Alex Mykut p

Newcomers: John Servello of; Sam Servello p; Tyler Peterson c-inf.; Tyler Smith of-inf.; Ian Yon p-inf.; Kyle Glass inf.-p; Matt Hartman of-inf.; Mack Meengs p; Phillip Keller p; Aiden Steinbugl inf; CJ Funk of; Cole Bernier p; Austin Lewis p-inf.

Strengths: “We have a strong core group of kids back from last year that have a lot of experience in this league. A few of the listed newcomers played for us two years ago, so their experience will also be a strength. The other players we added will be able to jump right in and contribute.”

Concerns: “With not being able to play for the last three months, the pitchers will need to work back into longer outings. That, combined with a compressed schedule, causes some concern with having enough arms for the innings.”

Overall outlook: “With everything that has been going on, I think it’s just good to get out, play some ball and get your mind off of other things. We are looking forward to having some fun and competing. I think we should have a solid team.”

Team to beat: “Obviously Lilly, since they are the defending champs, but for us it’s also Cummings, since they are the other AAABA team and gave us some battles last year.”


Manager: Ron Davison

Last year record: 17-4, won the championship, beating Locker Room in the finals

Returning players: Derek Younker p; PJ Holberg p; Shane Suter p; Mike Wigfield p; Jim Dunlap p; Aaron Smith p; Tim Fabbri p-1b; Landon Sinclair p-inf.; Chad McCoy c-inf.-of; Pat Gully c; Luke McCoy inf.; Brandon Ickes inf.; Ryan Ickes of; Matt Minor inf.; Cody Gallaher 1b; Brent Matish of; Brock Porter of; Owen Kravetz c-of; Josh Bracken inf.-of; Alexander Yost inf.-of; Ian Olsavsky p-inf.-of; Nolan Walters p

Newcomers: Trenton Creppage c-inf; Joe Donaghue of; Brady Walker p

Strengths: “Experience.”

Concerns: “Staying healthy with the condensed schedule.”

Overall outlook: “We look to make a run at another championship.”

Team to beat: BCO and Johnston’s

Medicine Shoppe

Manager: George Ralston

Last year’s record: 0-21

Returning players: Cory Myers of; Jordan Klausman inf.-of-p; Kyler Mearkle of; Ethan Wise of; Ian Ralston inf.; Andrew Scalice c; Chris Sinisi inf.; Chris McIntire inf.; Tyler Ryan inf.; Devin Hoover of-p; Randy Hoover inf.; Mike Alexander of-p; Nate Lamark inf.-p; Kenny Dalto of; Tristan Lingafelt inf.-p; Lane Sell of-p; Josh Scalice c; Greg Hughes of; Ben Shaffer inf.

Newcomers: Michael Turiano inf.-p; Cam Kyle of-p; Jake Hunter c-inf.; John Sell inf.; Logan McGeary inf.; Zach Kuhns of-p

Strengths: “We should be a solid offensive unit. Our main focus is to score early and often.”

Concerns: “Pitching is always a concern, and getting nine bodies to the games is something that we have struggled with in previous years.”

Overall outlook: “We’re glad to be out and playing this summer. We added a few guys to our roster that will hopefully translate into some W’s this year.”

Team to beat: “Literally, anyone who had a win last year.”


Manager: Kyle DeGennaro

Last year’s record: 6-15

Returning players: Chris Tromm inf.-p; Nate Sanders inf.-of-p; Shane Hartline inf.; Josh DeGol of-inf.; Robbie Yahner c; Scott Meintel of-p; Jordan Rabitz p-of; Ethan Knepp of-p; Jared Pufka inf.; Kyle DeGennaro inf.-p; Corey Auerback of; Damian Moist inf.-p; Dylan Wilt of-p; Tim Heiss of; Jaime Levinson inf.-p; Wes Foor inf.-of-p; Michael Hampton p

Newcomers: Nate Reid inf.-of-p; Eric Grace inf.-p-of; Alec Lytle p-of-inf.; Steve Shiffler inf.-of-p-c; Joe Glass p; Tyler Neff p-inf.; Alex Schmoke inf.-of-p; Andy Smithmyer p

Strengths: “Defense, pitching and hitting.”

Concerns: “Enough pitching.”

Overall outlook: “Very confident that we can make a run this year.”

Team to beat: Everyone

Greater City League


B&M Construction 0-0

Conrad Chiro./Lilly Amer. Leg. 0-0

Johnston Realty (AAABA) 0-0

Medicine Shoppe 0-0


Blair County Oil 0-0

Cumming Motors (AAABA) 0-0

Furrer Beverage 0-0

Sheetz 0-0


Blair County Oil vs. Conrad Chiropractic/Lilly American Legion, at Lilly, 2


Johnston Realty vs. Cumming Motors, at Juniata 6


Furrer Beverage vs. Johnston Realty, at Juniata, 6

Medicine Shoppe vs. Sheetz, at Vets, 6

B&M Construction vs. Blair County Oil, at Vets, 8


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