Enforcement needed on unlivable homes

Too many times we read the Mirror and see houses described as deplorable, squalid and uninhabitable.

Police have entered houses where trash bags filled the house, mice, flies, roaches, human and animal feces and rotten food abound.

Illegal drugs are in plain sight and odors are strong enough to make a normal person sick.

It is bad enough that so-called adults choose to live like this. They force children, toddlers, even babies to endure this putrid way of life. That is inexcusable. Children should never be put in these conditions.

A number of years ago, we had a house on our block that you could smell a distance away. It was a rental, and it was like that for a number of years.

When the people moved, others came and covered the front and back porch with plastic. They put on hazmat suits with respirators before entering the house.

These houses did not get this way overnight. It took many months.

Someone tell us how these things are allowed to happen? How many times have neighbors reported these houses before anything was done?

How many are rentals and are landlords ever held accountable?

People who are clean and have nice homes do not want to live near a garbage dump.

To combat these houses and people living in them: What should be done? What can be done? What will be done?

Sadly, only the first question has an answer. It is only going to get worse.

Dennis C. Shore



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