Commentary unfair to trans community

This is in response to the commentary in the Saturday-Sunday edition of the Mirror, “In trans debate, stand up for girls” by Nancy Neuman.

As a transgender man (for clarification: I was assigned female at birth, but have been living as a man for the last five years), I was very disheartened to see such a misinformed and unscientific article in your paper, and I felt the meed to stand up for my transgender sisters.

The article seems to state that trans women (assigned male at birth, then transition into women) have some sort of biological advantage over cisgender women (born female and remain female throughout their lives).

Science does not back this assertion up.

According to studies by reputable organizations such as the ACLU and NPR and a very interesting study by Peter H. Sonksen of the University of Southampton, there is not only no advantage for trans women in sports, they actually tend to have a disadvantage in the early parts of their transition due to reduced testosterone levels and then average out to a very similar level of performance to cis women.

Articles like Neuman’s only spread fear and hostility toward a population that already experiences drastically higher rates of suicide, depression, anxiety, homicide and medical malpractice.

It is irresponsible to the transgender members of our community to publish articles like those without researching them to ensure that they are true first.

Abe Hershberger



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