College graduations, sadly, won’t be ‘super’

As a senior college student, I work a full-time job and several other jobs.

Most, if not all, of my earnings go toward paying for my college tuition. I rely on the flexibility and affordability of online school, as well as federal grants and scholarships, which all help me to take priority in my education.

I have also made several sacrifices in order to provide for my education.

As an online student with Berklee College of Music, I have the opportunity to graduate with the physical campus students.

However, due to COVID-19, our graduation is all virtual. I caught a glimpse of the Super Bowl earlier this month, and I am disgusted.

What makes it OK to have 25,000 people with a lack of social distancing? The difference between this and my graduation, as well as other colleges around the U.S., is that we would be operating at a much smaller scale, would respect social distancing and stay safe.

Many students could possibly be the first or last in their family to graduate, and for them to have their graduation stolen from them is wrong.

John McCoy



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