Parents need to impart faith to their children

As the time nears for the children to return to school, many parents wish that Bible reading and prayer would be reinstated in the schools.

I wish that, too, but only as a way to reinforce what they have already received at home.

Giving our children a faith to live by is the most important thing we, as parents or grandparents, can do for them. It is at least as important as food, clothing and shelter.

It is too important and personal a thing to be left for others to do. How do we go about it? We can start by setting an example in our daily living. Perhaps by teaching them a daily prayer like the Lord’s Prayer or a simple prayer of thanks at the breakfast table.

It is my prayer that, this year, each parent or grandparent will give their children this one thing that they need above all else. Give them a faith to live by.

Donna Hamilton