Community service credit to Hollidaysburg

The Hollidaysburg Area School District requires each senior student to perform some community service in order to graduate.

In 2017, our retirement community had students volunteer to plant flowers in front of each of our homes. The students worked hard and did a great job.

We were so thankful for the students efforts that we asked for help from the students again. To our delight, two students, Elexis Steiner and Daniel Reeves, signed up to help us this year. With our community being a 55-and-older facility, many of us are unable to do planting and yard work.

These two worked hard and were quick to do the heavy work that the residents were unable to perform. The community association provided the plants, and the students did the work.

While the work done by the students was certainly helpful, the best part of our experience was talking to the young people.

They were very eager to talk about their backgrounds and what the future holds for them. As can be expected, some of their classmates are college-bound and some will volunteer for the armed forces, while others will join the work force.

I understand that other schools have the same or similar policies. The students that we talked to were excited about doing the work and had no objections to the policy. Maybe it was the fact that they get out of school for a few days.

However, based on our observations, students like the idea of helping with community projects, be it planting flowers, cleaning up the community or making improvements to local parks.

Congratulations to our school districts and to the many students who do community work. We are leaving our nation and local communities in good hands.

Walter Bagley


(The writer is president of the Deer Meadow Retirement Community).