Drivers, get off phone

After reading the article by Ronald Norris regarding the lives of motorcycle riders and car drivers using cellphones, I have to say I could not agree more.

Every time my husband and I go anywhere in our car, we have at least one close call with another driver who is texting or talking on their cellphone. And when I say “every time,” that is not an exaggeration.

Everyone on the road, whether they are driving a car or riding a motorcycle, is at the mercy of these selfish, thoughtless individuals who continue to talk or text while driving. Nothing is that important that you should be willing to risk hurting or killing yourself or someone else. If it’s an emergency, pull off the road and give the caller your undivided attention.

With that being said, the fact remains that no matter how many laws are made or how large the fines, some drivers will continue to do whatever they want. And everyone else is just going to have to look out for them.

Defensive driving has taken on a whole new meaning. Whatever happened to being a responsible adult?

Elizabeth Shade