The Art Cafe

Art yard sale!

If you're in the area today, we're having an art yard sale! Paintings, wood carving and fairy chalk boards. Really great prices and lots of variety. This is in Altoona on 25th Ave up the street from Father Kelly Hall. Stop on by!

To mural or not to mural, that is the question

Recently, a local business was in the news paper for creating a mural on the side of a building they are using. I would assume they had the building owner’s permission. This being said, they went and put a mural based on an actor from a film, Scarface and will be adding Italian themed foods. ...

It’s Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice! Today is the longest day of the year as the earth has it's maximum tilt towards the sun. If we lived in Fairbanks Alaska, we'd get 21 hours and 49 min of sunlight! Pretty amazing. I hope everyone who has planted a garden, is watching it grow in leaps and bounds. Today ...

Sci fi valley con is on!

I'm writing live at the con and have had a great time meeting different vendors, artists, crafters and of course cosplayers!

Spring has arrived!

I thought I'd share this pithy meme for this time of the year. Shared from Women of Appalachia

Valentine’s day is coming!

Have you made your plans yet? Are you doing a traditional valentine's celebration or a galentine's day? And if you don't celebrate, why not make someone else's day or if you have a pet or plant, special by doing random acts of kindnes? This makes others happy at very little expense on your ...