Socialism vs. freedom: Make your vote count

Letters to the Editor

The Nov. 3, 2020, election will be either a new beginning for America under President Donald Trump’s leadership or it will be the beginning of the end under the far-left radical socialists, Democrats Joe Biden, Harris and Sanders. Biden is not capable of running a lemonade stand, let alone ...

Disagreeing with view on US Postal Service

Letters to the Editor

I reject most of the Mirror’s Oct. 1 editorial on the postal service. I in no way believe our U.S. Postal Service is perfect, but what in life is? I get a pretty good stack of mail every day, except Sundays and holidays, of course. Every now and then, I will get a piece of a ...

Biden would bring honor to White House

Letters to the Editor

I am guessing that Dean Esper Jr. must be living in an alternate universe. He states that a vote for President Trump is a vote for pro-life, pro-America, pro Christ, etc. Then, voting for Joe Biden is a vote for atheism, anarchy and chaos. He must have his head in the sand not to notice ...

No confusion: Trump’s only pro-life candidate

Letters to the Editor

Confusion has arisen over being pro-life and Catholic. Simply put, to be Catholic is to be pro-life from conception to natural death. Joe Biden professes he is Catholic, yet promotes pro-choice and abortion. That’s hypocritical. If he can’t appreciate life before it’s born, how can ...

Ridge’s endorsement should speak volumes

Letters to the Editor

Former Gov. Tom Ridge has endorsed Joe Biden, stating it is time to put country over party. Cindy McCain endorsed Biden claiming he is a good and honest man who will lead us with dignity and shared values. The Lincoln Project, a Republican group seeking to protect our democracy and ...

Don’t forget other state, local elections

Letters to the Editor

While this presidential election year takes media precedence, voters must not forget down ballot elections. In Blair County, we need to re-elect our great representatives in the U.S. and Pa. House and elect competent people to our state row offices. We in Blair remain blessed to call John ...