Minimum wage needs to be addressed

Letters to the Editor

The question of the minimum wage, whether to raise it from $7.25 to $15 per hour, has been a hot issue lately. Of course, the Republican Party, which is supposedly now the party of the working class, opposes raising the minimum wage, claiming that this would lead to a loss of jobs and hurt ...

McCrory’s requires fast action


The City of Altoona does not own the deteriorating, dangerous McCrory’s building on 11th Avenue but, at least temporarily, city taxpayers apparently will be footing the bill for necessary emergency-type actions related to that structure. According to a March 9 Mirror article, the city ...

Biden’s first 50 days nothing to brag about

Letters to the Editor

For those of you that don’t watch any news other than the liberal media of CBS, NBC, ABC, or CNN and others, here is my synopsis of our “progress” so far: Unemployment and gas prices are heading up, after recently becoming energy independent. Thousands of jobs were lost due to ...

Fishing: One opening day is right call


We have enjoyed the warmth of spring already, a good week before the vernal equinox, and then a dip back into cooler temperatures. But the sight of trout being tossed into area streams gives us hope that, yes, the back-breaking winter of 2020-21 is over. We look each year for the stocking ...

Wolf should answer virus vaccine mess

Letters to the Editor

After reviewing various newscasts and articles related to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in Pennsylvania, the following is my opinion on the current process. I believe that Gov. Tom Wolf and the Pa. Department of Health should be investigated for their handling of the COVID-19 ...

Columnist Kasun leaves you uplifted

Letters to the Editor

I’d like to thank John Kasun for the wonderful articles he writes for the Mirror. My husband (who is now in heaven) and I always looked forward to sharing the paper the day his articles were in, and I still look forward to those days. They are always heartwarming, uplifting and always ...