Hypocrisy of the left never more evident

Letters to the Editor

The hypocrisy of the left revealed itself on Saturday upon the proclamation that Joe Biden will be the country’s 46th president. Despite businesses boarding up their windows in preparation for mass chaos, there were no signs of violence or looting by the more than 70 million people who ...

COVID-19 tests ought to be free


COVID-19 testing is more than a matter of individuals safeguarding their own health and that of their families. It has become an important tool in limiting the disease’s spread. Recognizing that, members of Congress included an important testing provision in the CARES Act approved earlier ...

Polling guidelines need an overhaul

Letters to the Editor

I was delighted to vote in person because it felt good to see our sacred right as Americans put into action. However, I was horrified to see how poorly the flow of voters was managed, particularly with social distancing and a careless breach of my privacy. I had driven to my Blair County ...

Idea to help struggles of bars, restaurants

Letters to the Editor

We’re often asked what the public can do to help Pennsylvania’s taverns and restaurants in light of the financial struggles being caused by COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Since the holiday shopping season has started early this year, here’s an idea: For those interested in helping ...

Another lockdown unfeasible


With COVID-19 slashing through populations throughout the world, some nations are preparing for lockdowns of the type employed last spring to curb the virus’ spread. Americans can’t afford to do that. Another business slowdown/shutdown of the type we experienced for a few months could ...

Individualism helps drive Americanism

Letters to the Editor

Pope Saint John Paul II said that the biggest question before a democratic society is how we live together. In seeking an answer to this question you have to ask, “Can a society survive without a basic moral reasoning?” When you dissect this further, you have to realize that it is ...