Name: Ethan Hullihen

Age: 28

Residence: Fallentimber

High school: Glendale

College: Saint Francis University

My favorite sport: Baseball

I usually attend games with: My wife

Favorite high school team: Don’t follow high school sports

Favorite college team: Saint Francis women’s basketball

Favorite pro team: Pittsburgh Pirates

My favorite sports memory: Being a women’s basketball practice squad player for four years at Saint Francis. Wish I could go back.

The athlete I’ve most enjoyed watching while growing up: Andrew McCutchen

My all-time favorite coach: My dad, when he coached me in little league

The most famous athlete I ever met: Armen Gilliam

My most prized autograph or picture is of: My parents and I sitting behind home plate in Pittsburgh for my 21st birthday.

If I have a claim to fame as a fan, it would be: I write about the Pirates for the website The Point of Pittsburgh.

If I were the boss of sports, the one rule I would enforce would be: Salary cap, salary floor, and equal revenue sharing in MLB to even the playing field for the Pirates.

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