Ban semi-automatic guns, bump stocks

When I was a teenager, I started to hunt (mostly small game). I hunted with friends and family and I enjoyed it.

However, after I served in Vietnam, I gave away my guns. I lost my interest in guns and hunting.

My reasons are many.

The man that impressed me when I hunted was a poor man who couldn’t afford an expensive gun. He had an old, single-shot 20-gauge shotgun. He had more game then the rest of us. He hunted to feed his family. He didn’t need an automatic rifle. He used his skill.

A semi-automatic rifle can shot more than a 100 rounds per minute, including changing magazines, and with a bump stock, it is more than 500 per minute.

The Las Vegas shooter was able to kill 58 people with a semi-automatic rifle with a bump stock. Bump stocks or any device that changes a semi-automatic to automatic should be banned immediately. The Sandy Hook shooter was able to kill 26 with a semi-automatic rifle.

Now, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter was able to kill 17 with a semi-automatic rifle.

School shootings break my heart the most. Subjecting our innocent to violence at such an early age should never happen. The dead are the lucky ones. The injured and witnesses have to relive it every day.

Since Sandy Hook, I’ve been trying to control my frustration at the lack of action. I keep a picture of the Sandy Hook victims in my office, and now I have to put up one more.

If the government can’t stop the sale of these rifles, let’s make them more secure. Semi-automatic rifle buyers should be subjected to stricter background checks, training classes and age limit.

Our politicians won’t do anything because they’re beholding to the National Rifle Association. They receive millions of dollars for their election. Even though more than half of their members believe in some gun control.

I believe that most of the NRA members are decent people. However, I believe their administrators have their hands in the pockets of the gun manufacturers.

The question is not whether guns should be banned or not. The real question is what guns should we allow?

But, honestly, I don’t think anything will happen. This country is so divided.

David McCoy