Shuster can’t be trusted, either

In response to Rep. Bill Shuster’s TPA column, I am impressed by his comments regarding not trusting the president, but one must also comment if anyone trusts Shuster.

I do not trust Shuster to do anything that is not in the best interest of lobbyists.

In his column, Shuster fails to mention that one of the main aspects of the TPA is the protection of workers displaced by jobs which may leave the country, as a result of the TPP, as well as attempts to address environmental and wage issues in those countries where the jobs might go.

The reality is that Shuster, if and when the TPA passes, will work hard to gut these aspects of the TPA because they work against lobbyists and corporate profits.

I would suggest that Shuster be as transparent as he claims the president needs to be here.

I also suggest he work as hard on pointing out shortcomings of the president with his own inability to fund transportation infrastructure projects or provide transparent information as to why.

Stephen LoRusso