Blair County

WE Campbell Builders Inc. to S&A Homes Inc., property in Frankstown Township, $36,000.

WE Campbell Builders Inc. to S&A Homes Inc., property in Frankstown Township, $36,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Larry and Debra Ritchey, 1137 Fourth Ave., Duncansville, $43,001.

Florence Lamborn to Daniel Sprankle, property in Snyder Township, $60,000.

Frances Graupenserger to Craig Wilt, 545-49 52nd St., Altoona, $160,000.

Patricia Rehm to Tye Dively, 917-931 Third Ave., Juniata, Altoona, $200,500.

Ronald and Barbara Ensley to Timothy Park, property in Martinsburg, $195,000.

Christine Lucas to Michael Shedlock, 154 Kingdom St., Tyrone, Antis Township, $212,000.

James and Dawn Phillips Family Trust to Akeem Shakes, 475 Park Ave., Tyrone, $69,900.

Richard Nicewonger and Jennifer Rusich to Karen Katalinas, property in Frankstown Township, $80,000.

Reliance Savings Bank to Cornerstone Builders & Supplies Inc., 306 25th St., $16,000.

John Ferry to Edward and Venus Eckels, property in Tyrone Township, $15,000.

Sharon Quigley to Brannock & Shaw Properties LLC, 321 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $30,000.

Marjorie Edwards to Gary and Pamela Kauffman, 216-218 Caroline Ave., Altoona, $110,000.

Larry G. Snowberger Jr. and Kendra Itle to Steven and Ronnell Nader, property in North Woodbury Township, $249,000.

US Bank National Association to CR Properties 2015 LLC, 228 Cherry Ave., Altoona, $11,550.

Jerald Sacks to Lucas Kelleher and Brian Johnston, property in Altoona, $103,000.

Earl and Joan Kauffman to Geoffrey Barton, 619 E. Grant Ave., Altoona, $114,900.

Patricia Bobo, Patricia Mickey and Samuel Seals to Dennis Burtnette and Kathy Reed, 525 21st Ave., Altoona, $85,000.

Randy and Karen Burket to Michael Tremmel, Lakeside Drive, Logan Township, $53,000.

Matthew and Brooke McClure to Kyley Longo and Ryan McGarvey, 308 27th Ave., Altoona, $114,000.

Margret Jennings to George P. Jr. and Misty Kaup, Hamlin Avenue, Tyrone, $55,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Ray Andrews, 1412 18th Ave., Altoona, $26,000.

Phyllis Maylandt to Jill Noel, 205 E. Julian St., Martinsburg, $131,000.

Jon and Alyanda Burns to Cory Ellis, Glenda Ellis-Snyder, Taylor Leonard and Gary Snyder, 222 23rd Ave., Altoona, $114,900.

Nancy and William Williams, Lewis and Cindy Cessna and Constance Beckel to A&T Pacific Venture LLC, 5611-5615 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $99,000.

Shaun and Jessica Edmundson to Melissa Hilands, property in Freedom Township, $83,000.

Jeffrey and Kathleen Smith to Chris and Karen Hollinger, Bluebird Drive, Woodbury Township, $307,000.

Douglas and Tammy Kehr Living Trust to Steven and Lydia Link, property in Blair Township, $330,000.

Katherine Skebeck to William J. Jr. and Julie Brehun, property in Tyrone Township, $139,900.

Cherri Scherden, also known as Cherri Helsel, to Chad Smith and Kaitlin Bridge, 412 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $88,000.

Regina Morris Irrevocable Trust to John and Erica Kennedy, 1345 Foot of Ten Road, Juniata Township, $183,000.

Donna Gupton and Mary Cogburg to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 1514 Ted’s Way, Blair Township, $482,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Gary and Terri Ann Brasseur, 1514 Ted’s Way, Blair Township, $482,000.

Alfred and Mary Ingham to Jeffrey Barr, property in Logan Township, $40,000.

Jennifer Wertz, also known as Jennifer Good, to Joseph Hines, Lot 13, Sylvan East/Phase I, Frankstown Township, $375,000.

Joseph Robeson to William and Ann Benzel, property in Frankstown Township, $150,000.

Jared and Christina Rardin to Stone Financing LLC, 608 Penn St., Hollidaysburg, $188,000.

Stone Financing LLC to Shannon McCloskey, 606 Penn St., Hollidays­burg, $188,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Pinecone Rentals LLC, 514 N. Sixth Ave., Altoona, $32,900.

Charles and Kathleen Powell to White Deer Realty LTD, property in Woodbury Township, $400,000.

Mary Bambocci to Robert and Korin Coppeta, Ridge Avenue, Altoona, $363,400.

Brush Oaks LLC to Denise Huber, Fifth Avenue, Logan Township, $24,900.

Tyler and Christa Jenkins to Gary Baranec, 1300-1302 25th Ave., Altoona, and 2105-2109 13th St., Altoona, $61,500.

Scott and Caroline Gummo to Ashley and Todd Stanford, property in Snyder Township, $132,000.

Carol Bollinger to Paul and Jeannine Burns, 4904 Oak Ave., Altoona, $100,000.

Alfred and Mary Ingham to Brian and Polly Boring, property in Logan Township, $17,000.

Terrence Smith and Valerie Rebel to Radco LLC, property in Altoona, $240,000.

Bedford County

Wanda Shoemaker and Michael J. Mortimore to VBJ Properties LP, property in Bedford Borough, $117,000.

Frank H. Minner III to Ronald F. and Margaret L. Brown, property in Colerain Township, $30,000.

H. Eleanor and Eleanor H. May to Mary C. Grattan, property in Bedford Township, $258,000.

Jason Allen Snelbaker to Scott B. Mearkle, property in Monroe Township, $15,000.

Jennifer P. Vasinda to Joel D. and Jacklyn D.E. Bookhammer, property in Woodbury Borough, $149,900.

Robert Brooke Allen to Derek A. and Katelyn R. Dibert, property in Bedford Borough, $155,000.

John B. Simons to Tonya L. Grimes, property in Bedford Township, $100,000.

Bud D. and Stacy J. Claycomb to Danny L., Robin L. and Cody L. Hafer, property in Kimmel Township, $70,000.

Jeremy J. and Kristi A. Highlander to Timothy P. Whetstone, property in East St. Clair Township, $96,000.

Cambria County

Nancy J. Distefano to Richard A. Doering, property in Richland Township, $149,500.

Margaret R. Rouse to Stephen R. Wivell, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $80,500.

Matawin Ventures Trust Series to AHCH Properties LLC, property in Upper Yoder Township, $43,000.

Michael Harkness to Joshua M. Swalligan, property in Dale Borough, $13,000.

Dianne D. O’Shea to John W. Mundy, property in East Taylor Township, $19,000.

John T. Farabaugh to Adam J. Terza, property in East Carroll Township, $193,000.

Cathleen M. Washko to Alex J. Anderson, property in Ebensburg Borough, $145,000.

Jason C. Pape to Joseph P. Raspotnik III, property in Conemaugh Township, $15,000.

Bruce J. Altemus to Richard A. Kohan, property in Lower Yoder Township, $45,000.

Eva J. Escherich to Michael Jenkins, property in Richland Township, $142,900.

Clearfield County

Joel F. and Cynthia A. Gradiwski to Brandon M. Roscoe, property in Sandy Township, $295,500.

Larry S. Jr. and Heather D. Hayward to Thomas J. and Melissa L. Janocko, property in Woodward Township, $145,500.

Dustin and Karin A. Dodd to Tyrone and Rebecca Marshall, property in DuBois, $112,500.

Joseph Paul and Melissa Lee Michael to Dustan R. and Karin A. Dodd, property in Brady Township, $138,000.

Jay D. Jr. and Elisabeth J. Irwin to Ronald D. Shope, property in Pike Township, $56,000.

Bernadine W. Herlt to Douglas Sughrue and Alicia A. Slade, property in Karthaus Township, $31,500.

Harry J. and Margaret V. Salvatore to Robin S. Butler and Corey C. Conaway, property in Lawrence Township, $123,700.

Michael P. Yeager to Gerald L. Heichel Jr., property in Lawrence Township, $165,000.

Natalie A. Fama to Timothy W. Tice Jr., property in Clearfield Borough, $52,000.

Michael E. Holmes and Susan M. Danko to David J. Chaney, property in Morris Township, $88,000.

Martin L. and Jeri J. Ogden to Deann Cribbs, property in Lawrence Township, $117,500.

Dorothy Colton to Chris E. and Jill A. Dilts, property in Morris Township, $34,500.

William E. and Margaret A. Hough to Kira L. Stottish, property in Sandy Township, $160,000.

Virginia A. Wilson and Tanya M. and Gabriel Sweka to Robert R. and Edith G. Hearn, property in Sandy Township, $131,9000.

Robert H. and Kay A. Fredette to Samuel L. Jr. and Karen Storey, property in Sandy Township, $123,500.

Andrew S. and Barbara A. Haversack to Joseph F. Delltonio, property in Knox Township, $130,000.

Margaret Anne Weaver to Mark J. Houston and Allan R. Shimmel, property in Morris Township, $25,000.

Patricia M. Bishop to Douglas R. and Stephanie C. Reinsel, property in Sandy Township, $140,000.

George J. Higgins to Brandon C. Gardner, property in Woodward Township, $147,500.

Jessica M. and Ricky D. White to James R. Fink, property in Ferguson Township, $125,000.

James M. and Sandra W. Miller to Daniel Shepler Jr., property in Lawrence Township, $80,000.

Robert W. and Gail L. Adams to Donald C. Bender, property in Lawrence Township, $40,000.

Scott A. and Shelly L. Evans to Debra L. Mott, property in Clearfield Borough, $68,000.

Larry D. and Anita L. Allen to Duval Holdings LLC, property in Morris Township, $147,500.

Huntingdon County

David Jr., Cy N., David C., Terry L. and Larry L. Gessaman to David C., Terry L. and Larry L. Gessaman, property in Wood Township, $13,624.

Amy Jo Rodland to Andrew C. and Lisa K. Campbell, property in Warriors Mark Township, $225,000.

Marian Blanche Allison and Cathy Jane Beaver to George H. Jr. and Cindy P. Gardner, property in Walker Township, $150,000.

M. Lorraine and Richard E. Reeder to David and Cynthia Rawley, property in Clay Township, $60,000.

Michael P. and Mary B. McFeeley to Michael J. and Karen J. Fedash, property in Penn Township, $460,000.

Maxine R. Brown Estate to Brandon M. Brooks, property in Tell Township, $73,000.

Dennis C., Susan A., Luke C. and Pamela L. Simpson and Ruth E. and Samuel L. Beatty to Brian Bookwalter, property in Mount Union Borough $10,000.

Paraclete Ministries Inc. to Mount HOR Lodge No. 736 IOOF, property in Cass Township, $28,000.

Randy W. and Kimberly A. Holsopple to Joseph T. and Emily D. Gongloff, property in Miller Township, $70,000.

Eva L. Loose to Kenneth E. and Sandra A. Tucker, property in Brady Township, $50,000.

Daniel K., Mary Ann, Levi J. and Sadie Ruth Esh to Jerry L. and Lois A. Zimmerman, property in Shirley Township, $250,000.

Jeffrey L. and Sandra K. Davis to Thomas and Amy Duvall, property in Walker Township, $136,000.

Diane Sigel and Diane Kagarise to Mark A. and Jean A. Fornwalt, property in Huntingdon Borough, $100,000.

Mary Ruth Hornbaker to Adam M. and Hannah D. Hauser, property in Henderson Township, $142,500.

Harry Chang and Ming Sing Xiao to Carl F. Grove Jr. and Fred R. Reynolds Jr., property in Huntingdon Borough, $15,000.

James M. and Kathy M. Groff to Jeffrey and Julie Van Brookhoven, property in Shirley Township, $35,000.

Rodney C. Rhone to Darrell L. and Linda R. Bathhurst, property in Huntingdon Borough, $260,000.

Jerrell E. Price and Theodore C. and Ruth Linn Toulson to Jerrell E. Price, property in Dublin Township, $98,220.