Bedford woman faces charges

Police: Ebersole tried to make money from arranged drug deal

A Bedford woman acting as a confidential informant allegedly tried to swindle Altoona police Monday during an arranged drug deal in an effort to make money for herself and her boyfriend.

Sharon Lynne Ebersole, 31, of 208 S. Juliana St., faces charges of criminal conspiracy, drug delivery and possession, criminal use of communication facility, possession of a controlled substance, unsworn falsification to authorities, false report and furnishing authorities with information without knowledge.

The defendant told police she arranged to buy about 1.8 grams of methamphetamine for $220 from an alleged female dealer at Roaring Spring Commons, according to a police complaint. Police reportedly gave Ebersole the $220 for the controlled buy, and a couple of officers met with her at the Freedom Township Police Department before the deal.

When asked to contact the alleged female dealer prior to the buy, Ebersole reportedly called a phone number, listed as “The Babe” in her contact list, and spoke with a male. The male was “confused” when Ebersole asked him to put the female dealer on the phone, states the complaint.

The defendant reportedly said the male was the dealer’s boyfriend and assured officers that the dealer would be at the residence. Ebersole allegedly claimed the dealer was called “The Babe” in her phone to protect the dealer’s identity when questioned by police about it.

Although Ebersole’s original plan was to complete the drug deal in the residence, police instructed her to make the buy in the open where officers could observe it.

Outside of the Roaring Spring Commons, the defendant met with a woman she claimed was the dealer, but who officers later discovered wasn’t the female they were trying to catch. Ebersole talked with the woman, who “appeared confused by her body language,” but no exchange occurred before the woman went back inside, states the complaint.

The defendant allegedly told the officers the woman was trying to charge $600 for the meth and that they were negotiating prices. An officer reportedly refused to pay more than the agreed $220 amount and instructed Ebersole to stick to the previous negotiations.

A male, who Ebersole identified as the dealer’s boyfriend, then came outside the apartment building to give the defendant the meth in exchange for the money, states the complaint.

Ebersole and the officers then reportedly returned to the police department where she handed the meth over to police.

Police did a search of the two individuals Ebersole identified and discovered neither of them were who the defendant claimed them to be. Officers seized her phone for evidence due to the defendant’s story inconsistencies.

When an officer called “The Babe,” he learned the male was the defendant’s boyfriend. The boyfriend allegedly admitted to police that Ebersole called him when she was outside the residence and instructed him to bring a bag wrapped in a napkin down, states the complaint.

The boyfriend allegedly said he did not know the bag contained meth and explained he and Ebersole had moved into an apartment together and were “short on money.” He also reportedly added Ebersole told him not to worry and that she had a way to get some money.

He allegedly admitted to having the police’s $220 and agreed to meet the officers at Roaring Spring Commons to return the money.

More questioning from police led Ebersole to admit the male who delivered the meth to her was her boyfriend, states the complaint.

She was then detained for probation violation and is housed at the Blair County Prison on 10 percent of $30,000 bail.

Ebersole was arraigned Friday in front of Magisterial District Judge Andrew Blattenberger. Her preliminary hearing is set for 9 a.m. Nov. 8 in front of the judge.

Mirror Staff Writer Shen Wu Tan is at 946-7457.