Rep. Irvin announces state grants

HUNTINGDON — Rep. Rich Irvin, R-Huntingdon, has announced that three separate state grants totaling $380,700 will be awarded by the Commonwealth Financing Authority for infrastructure improvements in Broad Top City Borough, Walker Township and Huntingdon Borough in Huntingdon County.

The funding was made possible through the Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer Program. The funds can be used for construction, improvement, expansion or rehabilitation or repair of a water supply or sanitary sewer system.

Broad Top City Borough was awarded $125,000 to replace yard hydrants, sewage pumps and controls, equalization pumps and controls, blowers and controls, blower silencer supports, blower check values and sludge return piping, as well as to install a vertical screen, automated pH control and floating mixer to improve efficiency and operator safety at the wastewater treatment plant. The total project cost is $425,000.

The Walker Township Municipal Authority was awarded $35,700 to cover the cost of construction and installation of seven water meter vaults through its water distribution system.

Construction of the water meter vaults are critical to assist the authority in finding and eliminating lost water within the system.

The project will ensure that a reliable source of water for the service area and encourage residential and commercial development in the future.

Huntingdon Borough received a $220,000 grant for the replacement of 1,560 linear feet of waterline with 8-inch ductile pipe on Washington Street, starting at Sixth Street and continuing through Ninth Street.

The new line will replace outdated cast iron pipe. Four fire hydrants also will be included in the project. The total project cost is $499,954.