Mold causes student relocation at PSU

Approximately 126 affected at Penn State’s Altoona campus

Penn State Altoona officials said they are temporarily relocating students living in sections of the campus’ Cedar Hall, citing mold growth from abnormally high rainfall and high humidity conditions.

September rain has led to excessive moisture build-up in areas of the first and second floors of Cedar Hall on the Penn State Altoona campus.

“Some mold has been found in isolated locations of the building. Penn State Altoona desires to remedy this moisture issue before additional conditions develop,” a press release states.

About 126 students living in affected rooms will be offered temporary housing at the Wyndham Hotel in Altoona.

Work to remediate the moisture issues is expected to take up to 17 days, with student relocations lasting seven to 10 days.

“Though Penn State regrets any inconvenience to its students, the university is taking these measures out of an abundance of caution. Student health and safety are top priorities for Penn State Altoona,” the school said in a release.

For more information about the relocation and the Cedar Hall moisture issue, visit altoona.psu.edu/cedar.