Altoona native calls out celebrity for bullying

In the 1980s, Altoona native Kevin Fasick fought as a professional boxer under the management of the late former world heavyweight champion Joe Frazier.

On Friday, a confrontation with actor Alec Baldwin led to Fasick offering to jump in the ring again.

Fasick, a New York Post reporter who spoke to the Mirror by phone and through email, said he was doing his job when Baldwin lashed out at him outside his East Village home.

“I am a working journalist who was assigned to Alec Baldwin’s home for two perfectly legitimate news stories. His [Baldwin’s] stalker had just been found guilty and sentenced the previous day, and also on that day, Baldwin allegedly used a homophobic slur against a working photojournalist colleague of mine,” said Fasick, who has appeared on “Good Day New York,” “Inside Edition” and “Entertainment Tonight” since the incident.

Fasick said most reporters now record and upload video, which is what he was doing, on a public street with other media, when he asked the actor for a comment.

Baldwin, at different points, shoved the reporter and knocked his phone from his hand, according to a X17 Online video posted on The Huffington Post website.

When he caught up to Baldwin again, Fasick said the “30 Rock” star said he had tried to hit home with his phone.

“At that point, I demonstrated to him how I was holding my phone, certainly not trying to hit him with it,” Fasick said. “He turned the corner, stopped, got right up in my face, and said, ‘Take a walk, pal. You don’t want to get hurt. You don’t want to get hurt, do you?'”

Fasick said he asked Baldwin if he was serious, and Baldwin replied that Fasick was a “fat middle-aged guy,” to which Fasick answered back “And what are you?”

With the insult Baldwin was “suggesting, he could hurt me easily,” Fasick said. “Then he got even closer and in no uncertain terms said we could fight right there and then.”

Although a former professional boxer who had three first-round knockouts in his nine-bout career, Fasick said fighting Baldwin during the confrontation wasn’t going to happen.

“I was a boxer. I still have the ability to more than properly defend myself. But fighting never crossed my mind. I was a reporter doing my job. I was there to get the story. Unfortunately, when Baldwin shoved me, that became the story,” Fasick said.

Fasick challenged Baldwin in a New York Post column Saturday to a charity match benefiting the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

According to a New York Post story, Baldwin’s friend declined the invitation on behalf of the actor who he said supports GLAAD and other organizations.

Baldwin’s public relations representative, Hiltzik Strategies LLC, declined comment to the Mirror.

GLAAD was chosen because of the homophobic insult Baldwin allegedly slung, Fasick said.

“Others have commented that just because you support marriage equality rights and just because you support gay and lesbian organizations doesn’t mean you’re not a homophobe, and if you’re running around using words like that referring to somebody as a put down, clearly that’s a homophobic slur,” Fasick said.

A GLAAD representative did not return messages for comment to this story.

Fasick wanted to challenge Baldwin to the charity match because first, it’s “a good charity,” but also initially because he felt the need to stand up to Baldwin, whom he called a “bully.”

Mirror Staff Writer Amanda Gabeletto is at 949-7030.