Valley View Park maintains identity

Two months after the sale of Valley View Home, the adjacent county park has retained its identity as a site for family picnics, disc golf games, playground programs, a summer festival and Sunday night concerts.

The park lost one of its four picnic pavilions and one of its nine disc golf tees when the county sold the home and some of the surrounding grounds to Reliant Valley View Limited Liability Corp., the partnership that acquired the facility now managed by Reliant Senior Care of Philadelphia.

But the new owners of the home are allowing visitors to use the disc golf tee so no plans are being made to relocate that tee, an idea previously proposed, Valley View County Park groundskeeper Dwayne Dittsworth said Monday.

And at this time, the county has no plans to build a replacement picnic pavilion, Commissioner Ted Beam Jr. said, because the other three seem sufficient to meet rental requests.

The county’s park and recreation advisory board, which monitors the park’s activities and makes recommendations to commissioners, met Monday and reviewed a proposal for updating and clarifying rules for use of the park. While one of the proposed rules called for no open fires, the board agreed that the use of charcoal grills can continue, with Dittsworth responsible for removing cooled remains.

Additional proposed rules forbid the use of alcoholic beverages, all-terrain vehicles, electric generators and firearms, archery equipment or other explosives.

Advisory board member Roseanne Conrad also suggested banning the use of portable bounce houses on park grounds to avoid the liability in connection with injuries.