Teen arrested for selling unregistered gun

An 18-year-old Altoona man faces twin hearings Wednesday after he allegedly sold an untraceable handgun to a juvenile – and a bag of marijuana to a police informant.

Blayn Baughman of 718 First Ave. sold a .38-caliber revolver to an underage acquaintance last year, Altoona police said in an affidavit. The juvenile customer’s mother allegedly found the gun, which bore a scratched-off serial number.

During a police interview, the juvenile said only that he bought the pistol on the street for $85, that he got a “good deal” and that the seller was an adult male, court documents indicate.

Police then arrested the juvenile for illegal firearm possession, and after continued discussion, he allegedly named Baughman as the gun dealer. Another juvenile friend backed up his story, admitting that he kept the gun in safekeeping before delivering it to Baughman’s customer, police said.

In a November interview, Baughman allegedly denied having ever owned or sold a handgun, though police said he admitted to knowing the alleged purchaser.

Altoona police filed charges Jan. 4, including selling a firearm to a minor and obliterating handgun identification markings.

Just five days later, police filed a second set of charges for an unrelated incident: In September, Baughman allegedly sold a $50 bag of marijuana to a police informant. Baughman laid a plastic bag filled with the drug on his porch, where the informant allegedly picked it up before delivering it to a waiting officer.

Baughman was arrested Wednesday. A relative secured his release by posting 10 percent of his $15,000 bail.

He faces hearings for both sets of charges Wednesday before Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey P. Auker.