Firm looks for new location

In early 2018, CBICC and Nestle Waters will hold an open house on building a bottled water plant in Centre County

STATE COLLEGE — Nestle Waters has identified Centre County as a potential location for its third Pennsylvania bottling facility.

The Centre County region is currently a leading candidate for a proposed $50 million bottling facility that would create an estimated 50 manufacturing jobs.

Nestle Waters’ search for a new factory location is driven by growing consumer demand for bottled water, which in 2017 surpassed soda as the most popular beverage in the United States. As part of the company’s regional spring water model, the proposed factory would bottle Deer Park 100 percent Natural Spring Water for distribution to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

“A Nestle Waters bottling facility would inject tens of millions of dollars into our local economy, provide a substantial tax benefit, and bring family-wage manufacturing jobs back to our communities,” said Vern Squier, president and CEO of the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County, in a statement. “The opportunity to bring a global leader in the food and beverage industry into Centre County is a win-win for our workforce, our tax base and for economic development. We are pleased that our local efforts are helping to advance this project, and we are excited about the prospects of having Nestle Waters North America as a corporate citizen of Centre County.”

In an effort to narrow the search for a factory location, CBICC leadership and Nestle Waters representatives are in the process of meeting with municipal officials to gauge interest and feasibility.

“In order to build in a new bottling facility, we need to work closely with the community,” said Eric Andreus, Nestle Waters’ natural resource manager in the Mid- Atlantic in a statement. “We want to know that we are choosing the right location

to operate environmentally, socially and economically.”

In early 2018, CBICC and Nestle Waters will hold an informational open house on the possibility of building a bottled water plant in the county.

Residents will have an opportunity to ask questions about the company, the potential project and possible job opportunities.