Saving the animals at Lakemont Park

I had heard about Lakemont Park and Blair County cleaning the lake. It sounded all well and good, remove extra silt and stone, etc. However, in their goal to clean, they have disturbed the animals that live and thrive there. This is especially affecting the fish as they are corralled into a section where water is drained and left to die. Many people in the community are saddened by this. Many, like my self, have gone to the park and walked the grounds, admiring the trees and feeding the fish. We have gone many times just to look at the fish.

I decided to write a letter and included a poem from Evelyn Underhill. Here’s my letter and I hope others will write to Lakemont Park and Blair County to not hurt the fish and make sure that many will survive this construction.


Dear Lakemont Park,

I am a local in Altoona and would like to request you take care to protect the animals of the lake. Many people go to the park, just to feed the fish and admire the grounds. I am one of those people. When I heard there was construction and tending, of the lake, I thought that’s a good thing. But when I realized that animals were being hurt, this broke my heart. I hope you will not do this and change, to make a more humane way of taking care of the animals there. It does not only hurt the animals but the people and children who would normally feel good about going to the park. I want to close with this poem by Evelyn Underhil called Immanence.

Please listen to the community and make a good impression in a dark time of history. We need some good news especially with covid happening.


Emily Dimov-Gottshall


by Evelyn Underhill

I come in the little things,

Saith the Lord;

Yea, on the glancing wings

Of eager birds, the soft and pattering feet

Of furred and gentle beasts, I come to meet

Your hard and wayward heart. In brown bright eyes

That peep from out the brake, I stand confest.

On every nest

Where feathery Patience is content to brood

And leaves her pleasure for the high emprise

Of motherhood–

There does my Godhead rest.

I come in the little things,

Saith the Lord;

My starry wings I do forsake,

Love’s highway of humility to take;

Meekly I fit my stature to your need.

In beggar’s part

About your gates I shall not cease to plead

As man, to speak with man

Till by such art

I shall achieve my immemorial plan;

Pass the low lintel of the human heart.


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