For comfort and cost reasons, watching on TV much better

Pause … let me take a minute for a bathroom break.

Hang on, what did the announcer just say? Let me rewind.

WOW! What a play!!! Let me see that again in slo-mo five times from every single angle.

“Daddy, can you come play with me for a bit?”

“Sure. I’ll pause the game and come back to it in a little while.”

Alright, pause again … snack time!

I love my TV. The technology allows me to watch whatever I want to watch, whenever I want to watch it and exactly how I want to watch it.

Including pretty much every major sporting event in the entire country.

Right there in my living room. With no hassles.

No leaving the house hours early and getting back hours later.

No waiting in traffic.

No rain.

No snow.

No blistering cold weather.

No jerk sitting next to me yelling obscenities or threatening me because I happen to be rooting for a different team than him.

You know what else I love? Getting to do all of this while watching a game and STILL having $200-300 more in my bank account. Or, make that thousands upon thousands of dollars more depending on when, where and how many games I’m not bothering to attend.

Hey, if you love going out to games for all the wonderful social aspects, that’s great. I get it. You can make a lot of special memories being at a stadium or ballpark when something amazing happens.

But honestly, none of that matters much to me anymore when it comes to sports.

I just want to be comfortable watching a game. And I don’t want — nor can I afford — to spend the ridiculous amounts of money it takes nowadays to attend live sporting events.

I’ll take my kids to 30 Curve games a year, but that’s different. Minor league baseball is the most affordable, family friendly environment there is in sports. My kids get 10 free games apiece being in the Kids Club, plus the Curve offer so many other free or reduced-price ticket options that you can go to a ton of games and not break the bank.

That simply cannot be said about the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL or major college sports.

One of the biggest issues pro and college sports teams face is that more and more fans are coming to the realization that the experience of watching a game at home is just flat out more convenient than going to the stadium.

Even fans who can afford the extra expense are asking themselves: Do I really want to deal with all the other headaches that come with going to a game?

Technology has made it an easy answer for many people, including me.

Ten years ago, I bought a 47-inch TV for $1,100.

That TV went kaput a few months ago, so I went out and got another one — a 50-inch screen for a grand total of only $248. The TV does everything and has a brilliant picture, plus I can get any number of programming packages — usually sharing one account with other family members and friends — for little or no extra money.

Having that kind of entertainment setup in my living room makes it a no-brainer: I’ll watch the game from home, and save my money for something else.

Cory Giger can be reached at cgiger@altoonamirror.com.


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